Why Shouldn’t You Drink Water Immediately After Exercising

By October 19, 2016

Are you the one who always drink a lot of water immediately after exercise?  It seems that drinking plenty of water after exercising is essential for it can replace the fluids you lose from sweating through your workout. But do you know that you cannot drink immediately after exercising

Why Shouldn’t You Drink Water Immediately After Exercise? 

When you are exercising, you may sweat a lot, and your breathing will increase, all of these will make your mouth and throat feel dry and thirsty. This feeling is more obvious especially after strenuous exercise, and you will deeply want to drink a lot of cool water. But if you drink water immediately after exercise, it will cause serious consequences. By the way, you can take a cold shower after strenuous exercise. 

Drink Water Immediately After Exercise

During strenuous exercise, muscle surges in demand of oxygen and nutrients, the carbon dioxide and other metabolites also increase a lot. Oxygen, nutrients and metabolic product transportation are inseparable from the blood. To ensure the smooth progress of flowing into the sport organs such as muscles and joints, blood will be a little more, but relatively decrease to flow into the gastrointestinal and other digestive organs, as the blood vessels contract, peristalsis abates, and digestive juices secrete. (Can you exercise on an empty stomach?)

Your body will recover gradually after half an hour of a workout. If you drink water immediately after exercise, large amounts of fluid accumulation in the gastrointestinal obstructs diaphragmatic activity due to poor gastrointestinal absorption ability, which will affect breathing and makes the repayment delayed when anaerobic motion prolonged. Thus it will bring bad effects to your health. If you drink a lot of cold drinks, it will be much worse; because the cold drinks in hot stomach are a strong stimulus, which increases gastric bowel peristalsis, a strong contraction, abdominal pain, cramping, even gastrointestinal dysfunction and diarrhea. (How do you know if you are dehydrated?)

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In addition, drinking a lot of water after exercising will accumulate the gastrointestinal tract, and make a large increase circulating volume in a sudden, which will aggravate the burden of your heart. Originally, the heart should have a good rest after strenuous exercise. But after drinking lots of water, the heart will speed up the movement to complete tasks. (Learn more what will happen if you drink too much water)

Moreover, as you will sweat a lot after workout, which will take away the salt, drinking lots of water right now, though water amount is increased, but the salt has not been added, thus the balance of water and salt will be destroyed. Time by time, your body will be more tired due to the severe imbalance of water and salt, which will even cause brain edema, whose light symptom is dizziness, vomiting, and the serious symptom is mental symptoms. If you drink milk a lot after exercise, it can also cause acute pancreatitis, even sudden death. This often happens in clinic. (Learn what you can drink after exercising)

So you should avoid drinking water immediately, especially cold water. You can sip a little salty water after exercising. 

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