What to Drink Before & After Workouts

By October 13, 2016

Water take up 60% of our body, and you may have a lot of water loss during exercise. The American experts pointed out that drinking water during exercise can help to keep the organization’s normal function, regulate body temperature, helping the transshipment of body nutrition elements. Here is some advice about what to drink before and after workouts.

Best thing to drink before a workout

drink before worout

You can drink a small glass of salt water or glucose before exercise instead of plain water and carbonated beverage. This is because the movement of salt water or glucose water can raise the body heat adjustment ability and reduce the heart rate in the movement. It is worth noting that you would better drink water two hours in advance, because of the need to give kidney certain metabolic time, in this way kidney can expel the excess water from body.

If you exercise more than one hour, you should drink weak brine during your exercise, because many ions in a person’s body composition can be metabolized at that time. If you don’t like to drink weak brine, then you should rest after every 20 minutes to drink sports drink, so that we can balance the body sweat, avoid dehydration to the human body injury.

Best thing to drink after a workout

drink after work out

After exercise human body may easy to sweat, you cannot drink a lot of water immediately.If you drink much carbonic beverage, it may cause the disorder of electrolyte. General speaking, you will sweat more after exercise and the sodium will go out together. Low sodium status may cause nerve cells in the marrow change. If low sodium status lasting long, it can cause the body the symptom such as delirious. It is advised to drink the sugar water or the salt water after a workout. Also it is good to drink milk, soybean milk and tea drinking water, fruit juice with no sugar.

sport drink

When you exercise more than 60 minutes, exercise strenuously, then you need to drink a sports drink. Because strenuous exercise will speed up electrolyte metabolism in the body, a large number of electrolytes will lost with sweat. Sports drinks contain sugar and electrolytes, generally including the composition of various nutrients which can adapt to the physiological characteristics and special nutritional requirements of sports exercisers. Many athletes also drink sports drinks in the rest. Also, to cool down after a strenuous exercise, you can take a cold shower

It is important to note that sports drinks also do not apply to everyone. People who have high blood sugar or people with diabetes, and people with high blood pressure, bad cardiac function or bad kidney, should be cautious when drinking sports drinks, and drink less.

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