Is Coffee Bad for Diabetics? Does It Affect Blood Sugar?

By November 5, 2017

What does coffee mean in your life? Is it a kind of caffeinated drinks or an inseparable part that has deeply integrated into your daily practice?


It seems to be a complex feeling for diabetics at the thought of coffee. Actually, not only people with diabetes, but some coffee lovers like each of you may have once heard the relationships between coffee and diabetes. Is coffee bad for diabetics? Will coffee increase blood sugar level? How does coffee effect our body? There’s so many questions that you want to know but you’d better do right choice for your overall health. Keep reading and find the answer.

Why is coffee beneficial to diabetics?


Studies in Australia have shown that people holding one-cup coffee drinking habit daily have a 7% decreased risk of developing diabetes. Moreover, coffee drinkers prefer to a large dose, 4 to 5 cups of caffeine consumption per day decrease risks nearly by 25% when compared to those being accustomed to 2 cups or fewer and even no caffeine intake. And good results also happen to people drink decaf coffee.

In other words, the more caffeine you consume, the lower risks of diabetes it is.(how much coffee in one day?) However, this is not the ending point; move on to see the diverged situation.

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Why is coffee bad for diabetics?


Some coffee drinkers with diabetes lay more stress on the benefits of coffee to lower the risk of developing diabetes. Thus, people take it as an excuse to continuously consume large amounts of caffeine daily. However, the effects on body regulation for diabetes remain to be discussed.

When you drink coffee, (How does it take for a cup of coffee to take effect?) your blood pressure and heartbeat goes up, and the insulin sensitivity to lower blood sugar decreases. It in turn promotes the release of multiple kinds of hormone and inhibits the conveyance of blood sugar to muscle and fat. Chances are that Type 2 diabetics who drink coffee after meals have a higher blood sugar level than those physically fit people, and it’s harder for them to control their glucose. It is because of the additional calories they have had which is reliant to medicine and exercise adjustment.

How should diabetics take their coffee ?


No one can deprive you of the love for coffee and meanwhile no “disease” can deprive you of a healthy body if following a tailored coffee drinking habit. Here provides you some tips to make balance among your desire to drink coffee and no disturbing results to the diabetes.

  • No coffee drinks after meals to avoid your blood sugar soaring.
  • Make sure no added sugar in your mugs. (Why should you avoid adding sugar to your coffee?)
  • Go on a balanced diet and try low GI foods that won’t worsen your health condition.
  • Be happy and brew coffee the way you enjoy and it is time to take your first sip.

So that’s all, hope this could help. And if you like this article or you have some advice for us please share with us at the comment box below.

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