What is the Difference between Decaf and Regular Coffee

By May 20, 2017

Caffeine is a natural ingredient in coffee beans. It’s always a matter of preference when it comes to whether you choose decaf or regular coffee. Studies have shown that drinking coffee in moderation brings lots of health benefits. Nevertheless, for those who suffered from caffeine intolerance, decaffeinated may be a better option for them. So what’s the difference between decaf and regular coffee? We will explore this in the following article.

What is the difference between decaf and regular coffee?

Basically, decaf and regular coffee are different in these ways: Caffeine content, acids, healthy benefits and the most noticeable-taste. Now, let’s explain in details.

The decaf against nature to change the original coffee beans, which makes a regular coffee not taste like the way it, should be. Hence, decaffeinated coffee is considered “unnatural” among the coffee lovers and addicts and they do consider it’s a bad option to drink decaf instead of drinking regular coffee. (More: Can decaf coffee wake you up?)

The processes of making decaffeinated coffee mean that more than 95 percentage of caffeine was removed from coffee beans. However, decaffeinated coffee still contains caffeine. A study conducted in 2006 found that ten to nine cups of decaffeinated coffee had between 8.6 mg to 13.9 mg of caffeine. By comparison, a regular cup of coffee contains 85 mg of caffeine. The only coffee that does not contain any caffeine whatsoever is instant decaf coffee crystals. (More: How many mg of caffeine if cup of coffee)

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Decaffeinated coffee Loses Antioxidants During the Processing

Although both decaf and regular coffee lose antioxidant compounds during the roasting process, decaf coffee has a higher loss of Chlorogenic acids after roasting that may be due to the chemical changes the coffee beans underwent during decaf process. Although we’ve already learned that both decaf and regular lose antioxidants during the roasting. But apparently, decaf coffee lose much more Chlorogenic acids after the steaming decaf procedure.

Decaffeinated coffee contains more acid

Decaf coffee contains more acid than normal coffee during the soaking process. It breaks the balanced taste of regular, and also may cause some healthy problems.

Decaf coffee can be bad for your health in some ways

  • Decaf coffee raise LDL cholesterol.
  • Decaf coffee increase fatty acids.
  • Decaf coffee can not lower the risk of heart attack like regular coffee.

The Tasting of decaf coffee

Decaffeinating is a simple process, let the coffee beans soak in the chemical to extract the caffeine. The problem is, not only the caffeine has been removed, but also the aroma, creama, and other chemicals in the beans. The natural balanced taste has been ruined, this changed proportion of chemicals sometimes produce a weird taste of coffee.

Which is the better choice?

The benefits outweigh the disadvantages in some ways for adults who prefer to drink caffeinated beverages. Perhaps you can acquire more benefits by choosing products that contain caffeine rather than decaf as long as you’re drinking caffeine in moderation. However, more than 300 milligrams of caffeine a day could cause serious healthy problems.

For those who drank more than three cups of coffee a day, decaf may be a better choice, they are more prone to anxiety, stress, depression, sleep problems, irregular heartbeats, chronic headaches and heartburn.  If your doctor advises you to avoid caffeine, or because you’re taking certain medications, choose decaffeinated coffee.

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The American Pregnancy Association notes that caffeine has been shown to reduce fertility in animal studies. So for those who’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to get pregnant, decaffeinated coffee can be an ideal choice.  In the case of you’re pregnant or breastfeeding but you just can’t give up caffeinated beverages, you have to confirm the safe amount of caffeine in your beverage daily with your doctor. 

Surely, there are huge differences between decaf and regular coffee, whether in the flavor or ingredients. But it is hard to say which one is better; decaf cannot eliminate the unwanted effects of coffee, such as palpitations and nervousness while excess regular coffee is also harmful to certain people. As a result, selecting one kind with your physical condition being taken into consideration is a right option.

If you want to make coffee at home, you can choose some simple tools to help you make a good cup of coffee. Personally, I like to make coffee at home with a French Press. It’s easy-to-use yet brings you a perfect cup of coffee. 

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