Benefits of Drinking Red Wine before Bed

By November 15, 2016

Have you ever finished your dinner, but then found yourself hungry close to bedtime? You’re not alone! Plenty of us feel the need to snack as the night progresses, and luckily, studies have deduced the perfect nightcap: red wine. Here let’s explore the benefits of drinking red wine before bed.


I guess you may know that French are the largest consumers of red wine. They always have healthy metabolic rate, even though they consume food with high saturated fat, like cheese. Why? All this is thanks to their habit of drinking red wine. Drinking red wine before bed helps lower the cholesterol content and avoid the accumulation of saturated fat. It also speeds up the release of certain hormones and triggers metabolic changes that help fell asleep. Meanwhile, drinking red wine before bed can help to strengthen the gums and prevent gum inflammation. Let’s explore the benefits of drinking red wine before bed in detail. 

#1 Help weight loss

New evidence suggests that your “nightcap” may actually help prevent weight gain. Red wine contains a chemical that can slow the growth of fat cells and stop formation of new ones, so your body burns more fat. Besides, wine is also a great way to prevent midnight munchies. Experts say that a glass of red wine has fewer calories than a piece of cake, ice cream and chips. When you choose a little red wine before bed instead of snacks, it means less eating and an earlier bedtime, which can also lower your blood pressure.


#2 Reduce risk of cancer

We can consider drinking red wine before bed as a cancer treatment. The active antioxidant in red wine can kill some types of cancer cells, especially the colon cancer cells. And the antioxidant in red wine can also help to remove the chemicals responsible for causing blood clots, a primary cause of coronary disease.

#3 Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke

According to researchers and data obtained, drinking red wine before bed also helps to lower risk of heart disease and stroke. Tannin in red wine that give it red color is known for protecting against heart disease.

drinking red wine

#4 Make you sleep well

Red wine before bed can give you a peaceful sleep due to the presence of a substance in it, which can stimulate your body clock and keep you healthy.

#5 Prevent a cold

Red wine has certain components that can prevent a cold. Researchers have proved that it can prevent nose block that is caused by a cold and can help you breathe easily. So consume a moderate amount of red wine before bedtime for a peaceful sleep.

drinking red wine befroe bed

Every living being is mortal, but there are also certain natural substances that can prolong your lifespan. And one such substance is red wine. In other words, red wine helps you live longer to a certain extent when consumed regularly in moderate amounts every night. After learning the benefits of drinking red wine before bed, do you have an urge to buy a good bottle of red wine?

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Wake Up Wine Before Wine Taste

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  1. I hate the taste of red wine so I’ll pass

  2. Nice bottle of merlot

  3. I always have a glass of red wine before bed time.

  4. I usually drink red wine with dinner.

  5. I would love to try this, but I haven’t found a wine that I like the taste of yet.

  6. I usually drink red wine with dinner.

  7. I am all for one glass of rd wine before bedtime, good for my health and a wonderful way to relax… Cheers!

  8. Looks like yes from reading this, but I don’t know if I fully agree.

  9. It is good to drink wine beforre bed…red, white, rose……

  10. What a wonderful idea!

  11. that would be yes, it is good for you…yee hah

  12. Hell yes!

  13. That is all I need, good reasons to have a glass of good wine. and it will help me lose weight, fight of colds and cancers.

  14. Never knew any of these reasons to drink red wine before bed, sound like the perfect excuse to have a glass at bedtime tonight ?

  15. I love wine but i don’t drink it before bed time because i take prescription sleeping pills. wouldn’t work.

    • It seems that you’re troubled by sleeplessness. If so, well, we think you could try some other natural and healthy ways to battle with that:)

  16. Wa y cool

  17. yes red wine is lovely!

  18. Well it looks like I found my remedy for insomnia…

  19. I am going to have to try this :)

  20. My husband drinks red wine before bed, good to know it might be helping his heart

  21. I don’t drink red wine but I have read above and it seems it is good for you to do so.

  22. WOW glad red wine seems to be so good for you

  23. I’m drinking it at this moment…

  24. I think it is healthy to drink a glass of red wine before bed.

  25. We love a glass of red wine in the evenings near bed time. It does help with insomnia and seems also to help settle dinner before sleep.

  26. I personally don’t drink red wine before bed!

  27. Love my red wine. But one glass very easily becomes two!

  28. going out to buy some red wine

  29. Its good to drink wine anytime!

  30. It IS good to drink red wine before, during, and after dinners. Especially when you have little ones! 😉

  31. Not for me. I suffer the most horrendous hangovers simply by looking at a bottle of red wine!

  32. I found that not drinking at all is not such a bad thing

  33. Is there a bad time to drink wine lol

  34. I ‘d rather water before going to bed over a glass of red wine.

  35. I was gonna guess it might help you sleep but apparently the list goes on. I’m not much of a wine drinker but I might consider it more now..

  36. It seems to be a good idea but I rarely drink

  37. Never drink red wine

  38. No dice. One glass is a guaranteed headache for me just like champange.

  39. I personally don’t but after several glasses of white,can easily crash out.

  40. I have a glass every evening and it helps me nod off!

  41. Yes as long as you don’t over do it, moderation is the key

  42. why not in moderation

  43. Looks like a yes for all those 5 example like you’re gonna sleep well…But personnally, I don’t drink alcohol.