What to Drink before Bed for Better Sleep

By December 17, 2016

what to drink before bed for a better sleep

Obviously, a good sleep is really of great importance to us all. However, more and more people have sleep barriers of different extents at present, some of them even suffer from the insomnia. And it has been proved that long-term sleep barriers can do great harm to both our physical and psychological health. So, how to get a good sleep has attracted a lot of attention. There are several things available here about what to drink before bed for better sleep.

Warm milk

milk before bed

It’s generally accepted that a glass of warm milk before bedtime can really help you a lot to get a better sleep. And there are quite a lot of specialists suggesting that you should cultivate the habit of drinking milk more often if you want to assure a favorable sleep quality. The reason why warm milk can help you get a better sleep lie in the tryptophan it has, one of the eight essential amino acids in human body. It can not only help restrain the brain excitement but also can give you a sense of fatigue. At the same time, it can furnish you with extra calcium. Warm milk should be given priority when you are confronted with sleep barriers.

Red wine

drinking red wine befroe bed

Red wine is really good for skin. And the golden time to drink red wine is the time before sleep, in that it has a lot of benefits. It can facilitate your sleep quality, comfort your before-bed emotion, reduce the incidence of diseases and improve the blood circulation. The melatonin in it enables red wine to adjust sleep duration, and cure insomnia. The value of red wine can only be shown fully to drink it before bed. It can bring us a lot of health and happiness, which can be considered as the good mate in our life.

Chamomile tea

chamomile tea for sleepless night

Another good alternative, Chamomile tea, can also serve as the function to help you get better sleep. The slightly sweet and soft taste often gives you a sense of comforts and relaxation, as if tells you that: “Take it easy, everything is gonna be fine.”



Oatmeal can be seen as the most nutritional before-bed food, there is abundant MLT (melatonin) in it, and a small bowl of oatmeal can help you get a good sleep. Adding some honey often makes it taste better.

Besides learning what to drink before bed for better sleep, you should avoid coffee and tea before bed. Hope you will have a sweet dream for each night!

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