How to get rid of fat rolls on your stomach

By February 11, 2022


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It’s not uncommon that many of you may find skin folds on your stomach, especially when you sit or slouch. And in fact, it can happen to everyone, no matter how much you weigh or what body type you are. In most cases, these skin folds or fat rolls don’t pose health risks, but you may want to diminish them when you find those things unattractive under tight clothes.

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Why you have fat rolls

  • 1. Genetics: If your families have fat rolls on the stomach, you are more likely to be the same. It is worth noting that genetics is also associated with how deep your fat rolls are: they can be either deep inside your midsection or close to your skin.
  • 2. Being overweight: The most common explanation is being overweight. It means excess fat all-around your body, including your stomach.
  • 3. Poor posture: Poor posture is another reason that you may have fat rolls. If you have poor posture, your fat rolls tend to be more noticeable, just like when you are slouching.

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How to get rid of fat rolls

  • 1. Reduce calorie intake: While losing weight won’t definitely help you get rid of the belly fat rolls, it will reduce your excess fat all over your body. In order to lose weight, reducing your calorie intake will help. You can determine how many calories you need to cut daily by using an online calculator or just consulting a nutrition professional.
  • 2. Healthy diet: Aside from reducing calorie intake, you should also focus on a healthier diet, which includes whole grains, lean protein, and non-starchy vegetables that can keep you full for longer with fewer calories. Reduce your intake of processed food and those containing trans fats.


  • 3. Cardio exercise: Cardio exercise can help you slim down and trim stomach fat. You can choose one that suits your fitness level. For example, take a brisk walk every day if you are a beginner. If you have already been doing some physical activities daily, replace this with jogging or running on a treadmill to burn more fat.
  • 4. Improve posture: Poor posture leads to a shortened torso and more obvious belly fat. Try doing planks, side planks to strengthen the muscle around your midsection. For those doing sedentary work, doing stretches will help exercise the muscle groups on the hip flexors and pectoral muscles.



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