Why Should You Drink A Glass of Water Before Bed

By April 14, 2017

Water makes up 60% of our body weight and helps lose weight, improves our skin and makes ourselves full of energy. Through one super simple thing – keeping drinking a glass of water before bed, you can reap the benefits of storing nutrients and minerals, keeping health and hydrated and cleaning up acne.

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Drinking water before bed helps your body restore the fluids it lost during the daytime. Since two thirds of your body is water, it’s essential to maintain hydration so as to keep it function properly. However, the body is not working so hard while we sleep; many fluids will not be released but be refilled to its necessary standard.

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Sipping ice water is viewed as an effective way to burn calories, thus helping lose weight. When you drink cold water, it takes you doubled time to warm itself up. Therefore, it increases the rate of metabolism and helps burn up calories. Drinking a glass of ice water before bed, your body begins to work harder, and add to that no more extra calories your body consumes, consequently, more calories burning up.  Also drink a little red wine before bed can help you lose weight. But remember; stop drinking ice water before bed once you feel unwell.

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When you drink a glass of water before bed, your hormones, energy levels, joints and muscles gets balanced. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your body are in a balanced state, which ensures you to be fresh and rested in the next morning. The lack of sufficient water, you’re at a greater risk for painful muscle cramps while you sleep as well as stroke and heart attack. To have a sound sleep, drink a glass of water before bed really matters because it flows to every part of your body. Your body finally gets replenished fully.

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Water is a natural cleanser. Your skin is directly exposed to the outer environment. The food you eat is closely related to the process of digestion. Your body may attract many toxins from some elements you touch which make you uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water before bed. It aims at helping your body cleanse out the undesirable toxins on a healthy and consistent basis. As a result, your body gets proper nutrients and time to deal with the process of digestion and facilitates muscles remedy and skin relief. When you wake up next morning; begin the day with a refreshed feeling and energy.

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Water is one of the healthiest drinks. It contains many valuable minerals and nutrients that meet your body daily needs. It also provides hydration, and lubricates and cushions the joints for your body. Keep drinking water before bed, you will benefit from it a lot – your body can function properly and stay healthy. By the way, you can drink milk or other healthy fluid before bed. 

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