Difference between white wine and red wine glass

By April 25, 2018

Red wine pouring into a wine glass. Selective focus on the red wine.

The twins, white wine and red wine have become a stylish part of our life. We can find some restaurants and coffee shops serves their signature drinks in large bowl red wine glasses. And there are cases when you don’t have the perfect glasses for wine filling, bigger one is a better choice. Therefore, what is the difference between a white wine glass or a red wine glass? Does it need to match them correctly?

In fact, if you are the one who cares about what serves in your glasses, it does matter to have a deep understanding of the glasses chosen for the reds and whites. There shows you two distinct aspects of white and red glasses.


1# Shape

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There are actually 6 basic types of wine glasses, with many variation in the shape and size when served different types of wines.

  • Stanard
  • Flute
  • Tulip
  • Coupe
  • Hock
  • Tumbler

Red and white wine glasses belong to the standard one. They both have an egg-shaped bowl, which differs in details that red wine glasses turns out to be a more bulbous body. In other words, red wine glasses have a larger capacity than white wine glasses. Thus, for the same amount to be consumed, serve your red wine glass a lower level.

What’s more, stemless wine glasses, another relaxing style of wine tasting becomes more popularized these days. It provide more stability than long stemmed wine glasses, making wine serving more convenient at party. (See the difference between stemmed and stemless wine glasses.


2# Size

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Wine serving temperature is one of the most important elements that affect your final wine tasting. And wine glasses are designed to maximize wine tasting experience of different types of wine. Red wine brewing is a process of fermentation made from unpeeled red grapes. And it can be served at the room temperature. A wider bowl with large surface area exposed helps with the release of aromas and flavors. On the contrary, white wine glasses with a comparatively small area do well in maintaining the cooler temperature of white wine. And you can enjoy this best chilled white wine tasting.

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As a wine lover, it is good to have a full set of wine glassware for your own, for it creates a combined wine tasting experience and you can know the subtle difference of red and white wine served with different wine glasses. It does not matter whether you have chosen right glassware for your wine, take a fancy of your pick and enjoy yourself. Life is full of colors, and the same with your wine glasses.

Have you got the difference between red wine glasses and white glasses. If you have any question, please edit in the comment boxes below.


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