Which Teapot is the best Glass, Porcelain, or Ceramic?

By December 11, 2018


Tea, as one of the most popular drinks in China, has its position in beverages as well. Chinese brew tea in a complex way in which many factors are considered. For example, water, temperature, boil time, the material of teapot… Here we will talk about one of the essential tools for brewing tea— teapot.



Glass pot is special for its elegant appearance and good resistance for flavor intruding. They are light to pick up but also are easy to get broken since the glass body is fragile. It is especially a visual enjoyment when match it with blossoming teas and herbal tisanes made of whole leaves and flowers. So if you want an easy-to-clean teapot with elegant beauty for room decoration. Glass tea-pot is a good choice.



The porcelain pot is another popular material in teapot making. It doesn’t absorb any flavor and is designed with a lid for heat retention. The outer pattern is always colorful so that it achieved good decoration effect. It is said to be excellent for testing any tea, for its good flavor resistance.



Ceramic teapot teapots appear firstly in Asia and the Middle East. They are always tiny and have low seepage, but the ceramic material has natural heat-retention properties. So they are able to brew tea quickly and achieve good heat retention. But this kind of teapot accompanies with one issue—whether or not can they brew more than one kind of tea. The key lies in the inner surface of the teapot—whether it is glazed. If so, you can alternate your tea choices, instead, the frequent changes of your tea will make the tea drinks full of mixed flavor. People use unglazed ceramic teapot usually for one simple kind of tea. And after several months of use, the teapot will extract many tea residues into it. One day you can even get a good flavored cup of tea without adding in tea leaves.

In summary, every teapot has its own competitiveness and to use them in the right way is important. Glass teapot is easy to clean and will not absorb flavor from any tea, it is indeed a good choice for family tea. The only thing you need to consider is the size. Here are good glass teapots for recommendation.


Porcelain is good for tea testing on the one hand. Also, due to its heat retention and flavor unabsorbing feature. You can also choose it as a family teapot, and it is even durable than the glass one though the beauty of blossom and leaves in it cannot be viewed.

Ceramic teapot is good for one sole tea leaves when it is unglazed, or else the tea will mix with various tea flavors which ruin the original flavor. And there is a kind of ceramic named dark-red enameled pottery captured good fame. It matches Pu’er tea very well for it is able to absorb the flavor of Pu’er and achieves heat retention to a good degree.

Indeed, tea is a complex drink which requires much knowledge so as to get the best taste of it.

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