Should You Take a Hot or Cold Shower after Workout

By March 27, 2017

When you work out, cardio acceleration forces more oxygen-rich blood pumping to your muscles. Hot, sweaty and exhausted you are when the exercise winds up. Top of most people’s choice would be to jump in the shower or drink a cup of cold water (it’s not a good idea to drink water immediately after exercise). However, having an ice bath or a warm shower is one thing the rest are likely to struggle against after a hard workout. Therefore, should you take a hot or cold shower after workout? A better way called recovery shower, having different effects on different body to some extents, alternating temperatures from cold to hot, to fresh up your body and boost recovery will do the trick.

Should You Take a Cold  or Hot Shower after Workout

Cold shower, first.

Plunging into a cold shower cools the body down quickly and evenly, it locally decreases the blood flow and reduces inflammation. The consequence comes that our muscles are left to repair themselves alone and accumulated lactic acid releasing, which results in vasoconstriction. Decrease pain from our body and recover our immunity and circulation immediately. Protect you from bruising and swelling that cause waste and fluid built-in. (Tips: Drinking a cup of coffee before workout can help you reduce muscle pain. )

Then, hot.

hot shower

After the healing process with decreased body temperature, switching to a hot shower, which stimulate blood flow through vasodilatation to the skin soothe muscles, jointing recovery to flush out all the accumulation of the inflammatory cells and dead cells. Have a sauna which benefits to both your physiological system, brain and muscle growth. Improve our cardiovascular mechanisms, lower heart rate, as well as lower core body temperature during workload. Change from cold shower to a hot one helps with potential stiffness. (Learn: why shouldn’t you take shower after meals? )

Considered to be an effective assistance to muscles or injury recovery, have its limitation and using condition, yet. If you suffered from an acute injury after an intense workout, choosing this recovery shower may do the opposite. You should consult with your physical therapist for special healing methods.

As a matter of fact, there is no absolute answer whether it applies to everyone. Different body condition has a direct influence on the aftermath. For example, some experts and bodybuilding talents may have faith in an ice bath, for extremely cold temperature can have a major impact to the body.

take shower after exercise

Think carefully, should you take a hot or cold shower after workout? Keep in mind that what fits you most stands the best.

It’s not going too far to say that take a temperature-shifting shower take effect to the ones being post-workout recovery. Recovery shower, advisably, combines with two showers to a healthier one to simulate circulation and alternates with vasoconstriction and vasodilatation. Every athlete who swear by its functions is going out of their way to set themselves in it. Find out this method works best for your body, and stick to your plans. You will have an ideal and charming figure eventually as you long for.

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