Can You Die from Drinking Too Much Water?

By November 13, 2016

Can you die from drinking too much water? This sounds a little exaggerated. But it is true if you are drinking water in the wrong way.

drinking too much water

In January, 2007, a mother named Jennifer from California took part in a competition held by local radio station. The rules of the competition were to drink 8 ounces of water in 2 minutes, then have a rest of 15 minutes and drink another 8 ounces of water and so forth. The competitors must not vomit or go to the toilet during competition. Or else, he or she will be given out. At last, the one who drinks the most will be the winner. In order to win the game, Jennifer drank 7.5 liters of water at once. A few hours later, she was found dying in bed. According to the autopsy report, Jennifer died from water intoxication which is caused by drinking too much water in a short time. This result shocked many people: drink too much water will kill you.

Why may you die from drinking too much water?

too much water drink

In daily life, we often get the advice of drinking more water, as it can not only reduce fatigue, but also concentrate one’s energies. But you will have too much of a good thing. Generally, it is suggest drinking 8 cups of water a day. Normally, the water in our bodies will firstly be excreted through sweat and urine. Thus, the quantity of water can be adjusted to balance the specific chemical substances in blood. If you drank too much water and the kidney cannot excrete the extra water fleetly, the blood will be diluted and the concentration of salts in blood will be reduced.

Professor Robert Forrest from Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital pointed out that if the concentration of salts in blood is lower than that in cells, water in body will be transferred from blood to cells. And this will result in expanding of corresponding organs, which is a kind of serious consequence for the body. Professor Forrest compared this phenomenon to the experiment in natural course: if you put salt water on the skin of onion, the cells of onion will be withered due to loss of water. However, if you put too much water on it, the cells of onion will expand due to absorption. This expansion will cause problems in the brain. When the brain cells swell, the bones of head will limit the space of brain cells. With the pressure increasing in brain, you will feel an apparent headache. Under more serious conditions, some important organs, such as breathing organs, will be oppressed. At this moment, you may stop breathing and die finally.

can you die from drinking too much water

In summer, many people like to swallow a lot of water at once after strenuous exercise or labor. At that time, you may feel comfortable or happy, but this is very harmful to your body. After strenuous exercise or labor, the body has already excreted a lot of sweat which contains a large amount of salts. At this moment, if you drink too much water without salt, the water will take more salt away from the body through sweating. As a result, the concentration of salts in blood will be lower and lower. And water in blood will be absorbed to cells, resulting in water intoxication.

So, you should drink little water and rest for a moment, then drink little again and so on under any circumstance. Though it sounds incredible that you may die from drinking too much water, you need to take care. It is no good to drink too much water.

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  1. I drink about eight glasses

  2. I drink 2 litres of water a day. I have a bottle that i fill in the morning and make sure i get through it all by bedtime, best way to starve off migraines and keep you feeling fresh!

  3. I drink tea and coffee and drink water when i’m really thirsty and can’t wait for the kettle to boil

  4. I drink 4 or more 16 oz bottles of water daily.

  5. about 6 a day

  6. Our body needs salt! No one should go on a strict salt free diet. About the water, I was reading about this earlier. I always drink water when I get thirsty, and I know I get quite a bit each day, but never so much where I have to worry that I am drinking too much.

  7. At least 8 cups of water. It’s delish!

  8. I drink to big cups of water at least everyday.

  9. I drink about 2 liters per day

  10. I drink around 3 glasses, generally in the morning.

  11. I drink 6 a day. I have bottles that I fill each morning, and I use them all.

  12. 7-8 glasses

  13. oh I’m so bad and mostly only drink tea!

  14. about 3 to 5 cups

  15. about 3-6glasses a day

  16. about 8 Alkaline Water

  17. i glass day usually at night

  18. I have to say no where near enough. I do drink the occational glass of weak squash but thats it.

  19. I drink about 6 to 11 cups of water a day

  20. I drink 6 cups of water a day depending on it day to day

  21. I drink about 7 or 8 glasses a day, depending on whether I run that day.

  22. Around 5 glasses of water, I also drink other fluids

  23. I drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

  24. at least 5 glasses of water

  25. As much as I can.

  26. I drink 10-12 cups of water a day.

  27. 6 cups per day

  28. I have heard of at least one woman dying from drinking too much water. And my mother in law was drinking too much when she was 88 and had some serious medical problems after that.

  29. I try to drink a lot of water, but probably more like 3 glasses.

  30. between 5 or 6 eight oz glasses of water a day, plus other beverages.

  31. About 8 cups

  32. I try and drink 6 to 8. In it to WIN it! Thank You!!!

  33. about 6-8 large cups of water

  34. I only drink coffee and water and occasionally wine. You think you are doing good but you are really doing bad

  35. Most of the water I drink has been brewed with a tea bag

  36. I drink 3 bottles of water a day. I take diabetes medication with side effects dehydration.

  37. i drink about 2 pints of water a day it’s so good for you

  38. Yes for red wine

  39. I aim for at least 8 but no more than 12 glasses of fluid per day.

  40. Not when you drink as much as me! I have a small bladder, what goes in comes back out. I don’t drink much at all.

  41. I try to drink water but I find it difficult.. I just do NOT like the taste. My husband drinks a TON of water.

  42. I dont drink enough water every day. I have about 4 or 5 cups and its not nearly enough.

  43. Not enough specially when I am home

  44. I drink at least 5 cups of water a day.

  45. Id say about 8 as I always have water at my desk that I sip on all day long

  46. I drink 4-5 cups a day.

  47. I usually drink about 2 bottles or so a day. I need to get better with this.

  48. How much water I drink during the day depends on the weather, activity level, and water content of other foods I eat. I’d estimate it varies between about 20-50 oz per day.

  49. I drink about 9 glasses of water a day

  50. I drink approx 6 glasses of water a day.

  51. I personally do not drink enough

  52. I drink 6 glasses a day!

  53. I try my hardest to drink water throughout the day but often forget to do so leaving me dehydrated alot. My hubby gets at me especially since im 6 months pregnant and should be drinking a minium of at least 5 bottles per day.

  54. About four.

  55. I probably drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Always have my canister with me.

  56. If I go to the gym i will drink at least 1.5L per day. On days I skip the gym I drink a little less..

  57. If you retain water which some do,drink lots during the day when you are more active. If your a night visitor to the bathroom then less before bed is best.

  58. Wow!! very shocking and informative article, I usually drink about 4-5 cups of water a day. I will try to up my cup:)

  59. Try to drink at least a litre per day

  60. 6-8 glasses

  61. Clearly I don’t drink enough water.

  62. I drink 2 glasses of water a day.

  63. Probably about two and a half glasses on a very hot day,sometimes more.

  64. I have heard you can – but only if you drink it all in one go.

  65. I drink 2 litres of water evryday

  66. about 6 or 7

  67. I’d say I drink 2 to 3 bottles of 600ml of water per day.