Is It Wrong to Drink Water while Eating

By March 6, 2017

More often than not, we inevitably drink water while eating. Especially when something gets stuck in our throat, water is the only thing that we could think about in our mind to save us from this terrible situation. While is it wrong to drink water while eating? People’s answers to this question vary a lot.


Some people feel it’s no big deal to drink water while eating. They have kept doing so for a long time and no negative effects have attacked them. And drinking water makes them finish their food faster. However, others go opposite, and they think it’s better not drink water while eating for the sake of body health, considering that water would dilute the acid in the stomach and slow down the natural digestive process.

Actually, there is no absolutely right and clear answer to this. But there is one thing I am quite sure, that’s drinking too much water during eating should be definitely avoided. For this could lead to the dilution of the digestive juices in your stomach and hinder the body’s ability to produce enough enzymes for digesting properly as well as absorb the nutrition from the food.

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But that doesn’t mean you cannot drink water at all during eating. It’s advised to drink a small glass if you feel dehydrated when thinking about it would be a hard time digesting food under that condition. And a small glass is not that easy to interfere with digestion, if you add apple cider vinegar, the digestive process will be further aided.

Except for avoiding drinking too much water, you should also avoid drinking alcoholic drinks and acidic beverages like soda, which is likely to dry up the saliva your grands have produced. For it would be even more difficult to digest food properly. And cold water is also not proper when you need to drink something while eating. Although it can help eliminate dryness in your mouth immediately, it gives rise to slower digestion and even cramping in some individuals.

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Sip lukewarm water during eating if you have to drink. But it’s not proper to drink every time for fear that you may get into the habit of doing so. And it appears to be very beneficial that half an hour prior to eating can ensure your body under a hydrated condition. Likewise, drinking water 45 minutes after eating would replenish the lost liquids used for digestion. That makes the optimal digestion.

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For those who want to lose weight and keep fit, they can drink 1 glass of lukewarm water 30 minutes before eating. The water could help them regulate the food intake and avoid eating too much. Researches have shown that it could work really well, even better than those full stomach thinkers.

I guess you have known the answer about whether it’s wrong to drink water while eating, and if you have any other better thoughts, just share with us!

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