How to Calm Down After Drinking Too Much Caffeine

By August 11, 2017

Thanks to stimulant effects of caffeine, a morning cup starts our fresh mind and powerful thinking for the whole day. However, it may turn to the opposite consequences if you’ve taken a high dosage of caffeine that comes from different sources with caffeine content.

How to calm down after drinking too much coffee

Bad results you may experience

Caffeine overdose consumption of 500 milligrams or even more daily brings unpleasant feelings like depression and anxiety, and severely undesirable symptoms, including nausea, headaches, insomnia, jitters, heart rate disorder and some other adverse effects on body.  (Tips: How much caffeine is too much?)

Thus effective approaches to calm down after drinking too much caffeine are of great significance. Grab 4 feasible tricks and check whether it suits you right.


drink water to solve caffeine overdose

Coffee beans typically contain one fourths of water-soluble materials. When brewed, the dissolved part brings its distinct aroma out. Many coffee lovers and youngsters as well are obsessed with its various kinds and flavors. When you have coffee drinks in large amounts carelessly, note that the caffeine consumed will not take effect immediately (This is why coffee nap works.). You can drink at least 32 ounces (900 milliliters) of water within 10 minutes to get all the caffeine flushed out of your body and be rehydrated.

Hearty Meal

eat food to solve caffeine overdose

Another way to get you fresh when consuming too much caffeine is to have a hearty meal. Try some water-rich and high-fiber fruits and vegetables like celery and cucumber. This may ease your jitters as the food helps modulate the blood sugar and promotes the digestive system to absorb the caffeine.

However, it can’t be used as the foremost countermeasure. For healthier coffee drinking habits, it is better to have coffee after meals since sugar cravings can go up when downing coffee with an empty stomach.

Herbal Tea

herbal tea

Probably part of you know coffee is not the only source serving caffeine, energy drinks, tea, chocolate and medicine contain certain amounts of caffeine for special purpose. It is really hard to achieve such high caffeine content intake. While if you are unlucky to suffer this, decaffeinated herbal tea should be in your list for resolution.

Herbal teas hold comforting benefits to our immune systems and help you hydrate after drinking caffeine overboard. Choose some healthy organic herbal teas, such as Chamomile tea and Rooibos tea that help to calm down after drinking too much caffeine and sooth the jangled nerves.


Exercise seems to be quite useful suggested by people who have gone caffeine overdose symptoms. (But it is good to drink moderate coffee before exercise. )It takes you back to a peaceful mind and burn the extra energy. Do simple exercise at home, talk a walk with your music on or jog along your way home. Do a 10-minute no-equipment home workout with this video. 

The response to caffeine overdose varies in everyone; some people may have a better caffeine tolerance than those who possess few coffee drinking experiences. While lay press on your caffeine intake daily and maintain healthy coffee-consuming habits should be the essence among people drinking coffee drinks.

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ecooe coffee makers

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