Espresso Beans vs. Coffee Beans: Are They the Same or Different

By September 3, 2017


You may have viewed the marks on the coffee beans bags, and find out different types like beans for the espresso. Yes, it is admitted that distinct coffee flavor comes from exclusive coffee beans. However, is the espresso beans the same as the coffee beans or there are some subtle differences you need to know to dive into the deeper coffee world?

Actually, the answer is the latter.

Three core standards for the espresso


Espresso gives you kind of wonderful Italian experience and it also can be used to make other coffee drinks such as the latte and cappuccino. What makes a good shot of espresso, the high quality espresso machine or proper water temperature, and perfect espresso brewing method or its distinct espresso beans? Well, it all matters. While you should pay much more attention to the espresso roast, the water temperature and the pressure.

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There comes the first difference between the espresso beans and the coffee beans: Roasting process

See the second difference: Coffee grind size


There are actually 7 grinds for different coffee brewing methods, from the extra coarse to super-fine grind. You may have made “coffee tragedy” for choosing the incorrect one. So what are right sizes for the two beans?

Espresso requires finer grinds while the normal coffee can be brewed with coarse grind. (Click to see espresso coffee bean grinder). A finer grind of coffee beans helps to boost the coffee extraction process and produces decent aroma and flavor you want.

Regular coffee in comparison is not so demanding at the grind size because of the longer time left for it.

The last one-Brewing process


The Espresso Roast turns out to be darker than regular coffee beans and has oily sheen on the surface. This gives a low coffee acidity, concentrated and bitter taste. And if you would like to get the dark brown in your cup and reduce the bitterness, add some milk to the cup or mix the espresso thoroughly. (Tips: What to add to make coffee taste better)

Regular coffee beans are roasted light and you can consequently have the full flavor of them. You should note that regular coffee beans used to make espresso may not work as you expected.


Apart from different coffee roasting process and the grind size, the brewing process shows differently as well. This may have a comparatively indirect relationship with the beans we choose.

As we have mentioned above, high pressure is the key to making a shot of Espresso. Hot water at around 90℃ under pressure needs to be forced through the finer ground coffee beans at a short time, usually for 15 to 20 seconds. Still there are some simple coffee makers used to make espresso at home.

Prepare certain amounts of medium coffee beans for your normal coffee, use the brewing method you like and just wait for a decent cup of coffee.

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Have you got the answer for the differences between espresso beans and coffee beans? Hope the passage brings you advisable guidance.

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