Does Coffee Nap Work? What Do Scientists Say?

By June 1, 2017

coffee nap

Trouble happens usually to you that being a state of drowsiness affects your alertness and productivity to great extent. And you struggle to be sober, filling yourself with continuous cups of coffee or take a nap at once. Maybe you don not know this may caused caffeine tolerance – coffee makes you tired instead of awake.  Attention: you should stop it and take a coffee nap instead.

What is coffee nap? It is not simple equal to coffee plus a nap, while it is better than coffee or nap alone and its magic power has been backed up by scientists.

Why does the coffee nap works

how does coffee nap work

Coffee nap refers to drinking a cup of coffee quickly and going to sleep for no more than 20 minutes before caffeine reaches your brains. Practically, after absorbing through your intestine and crossing into your brain, caffeine takes effect by fitting with receptors and blocking the adenosine from plugging into receptors, and thus reducing your drowsiness. Unluckily, not each adenosine receptor is being blocked under such circumstance. When you take a 20 minutes nap, adenosine will start to be cleared naturally; reduced levels of it remain to compete with caffeine which makes you alert longer and more effective. (More knowledge you need know about when to drink coffee)

How to take a coffee nap

how to take a coffee nap

You need drink a cup of warm coffee quickly and put yourself into a peaceful environment.

Put aside all of undesirable and diverting thoughts; follow your body and keep a balanced state of mind. Give yourself some mental hints, be the outcome a real relax or failure to nap.

Remember to set an alarm for a predetermined time. Getting yourself at the stage of half-sleep has proven to be useful to boost your energy after reawakening. It is harder to wake up from longer sleep over 20 minutes.

Science behind coffee nap

scientists explained coffee nap

Scientists have made efforts to figure out the effects of coffee naps and the experiments carried out shows that coffee nap does work.

A test conducted at the Loughborough University in the UK. All of the participants are divided into three groups. They are instructed to experience a 15-minute coffee nap, coffee only and a quick nap respectively. The result turns out that the group of coffee nap commits fewer errors at the later driving simulator than the group treated alone.

Besides, subjects who had a coffee nap outperformed those people with only coffee or nap, according to a memory test in Japanese.

Whether relevant experimental participants end in troubled sleep or tiredness reduced, conclusion can be conspicuous that coffee nap does better than sole coffee or nap.

Naps help flush out adenosine out of your body, while you may not exactly free from tiredness. Coffee combats fatigue and reduces the drowsiness, while the caffeine may be not enough to compete with the adenosine. Therefore, coffee nap turns out to be the best, for its integral benefits in blood pressure reducing, memory enhancing, decision-making and so on.

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