How to Steam/Froth Milk for Latte without Espresso Machine

By November 26, 2017

What does milk mean for coffee? It may be something to perfect the flavor of coffee being smoother and sweeter and meanwhile improve the nutritional values in your cup. A cup of milk coffee was made of 30ml Espresso + 90ml milk. Be it a tasty cup of cappuccino from the coffee shop or that homemade latte, steamed milk shows its critical role through the whole processing.(differences between cappuccino and latte)


Barista does their professional job, and what about coffee lovers like each of us make latte without espresso machine? What kinds of milk you’d like to make your latte? What is your personal preference for coffee-to-milk ratio? But before that you need to know how to froth milk foam for latte if you don’t have a espresso machine?

So, let’s move on and make it step by step.

Step one: milk preparation

How to choose best milk for latte? Here provides you two kinds of best milk used for latte. See the differences.



Shape maintenance of Milk foam

Fresh milk

More sweet


Whole milk


Comparatively shorter

Note that the more fat content the milk contains, the richer the milk foam formulates. Before you start to make your milk foam I suggest you to cool down your milk overnight, the protein is more stable and easier to be shaped when temperature is low.

Step two: milk processing

Here are two simple methods to froth milk for latte without espresso machine.

#1 Begin with the Aerolatte Buy at Amazon


It is a great small-investment for milk foam making at home.

What else you should prepare:

  • Milk
  • Microwaveable 11 container
  1. Take out the cup and froth the milk with the Aerolatte until it gets creamy.
  2. Heat the milk in the microwaveable container for 30 seconds.


Time saving

Simplified operation

Applicable for foods such as coconut and almond

Here is a video showing you how to foam milk with an Aerolatte: 

#2 stainless steel frothing pitcher Buy at Amazon


This method shows similar steps as Aerolatte does, but it turns out to be a more complete process.

  1. Pour 1/2 cup of milk into your cup and heat it in the microwave within one minute.
  2. Pour the heated milk into the stainless steel frothing pitcher and then pump frother for nearly 1-2 minutes when you brew your coffee.
  3. Pour the thick and creamy milk into coffee.
  4. Add the milk foam on the top.
  5. Sprinkle some chocolate chip or cinnamon for extra flavor.


Cheap price

Function as both frothing and pouring

A video on the review of stainless steel milk frother and pitcher: 

#3 Try to make latte with a French Press Buy at Amazon


Have you ever make a cup of latte with French Press? If not, have a try and dive into a new world of coffee.

What else you should prepare:

  • Tablespoon for measuring
  • 2 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee beans

(Click to see whats the right coffee grind size for different brewing methods?)

  • Microwave container
  • One cup of boiling water
  • Automatic grinder
  • Milk frother

Make coffee with French Press and steam milk with the frother wand, then combine the two and it’s your DIY time. Hope these 3 easy ways can help you to make milk foam without an espresso machine. If you have any question or suggestion, please comment at the comment box below.

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