What is the Right Coffee Grind Size for Different Brewing Methods

By July 2, 2017

How your final coffee tastes are dominated by the way of grinding coffee beans. As a result, “tragedy” of awful mouth feel happens when incorrect matches for grind size and brewing methods. Now go on reading and begin to get to know the basic guidelines to get you prepared for brewing best coffee next trial.

Right Coffee Grind Size for Different Brewing Methods

Here is a chart briefly showing you the comprehensive coffee grind size for different brewing methods.



Extra coarse

Cold Brew/Toddy


French Press, Duo Coffee Steeper, Percolators


Chemex, Clever dripper, café solo brewer


Flat bottomed drip brewers, The Aeropress


Pour Over Cones, Vacuum Pots, Siphon Brewers


Espresso, The Aeropress, Stovetop espresso maker


Turkish coffee

Let’s take a look at the comparison photos on the 7 grind sizes.

NO.1 Extra Coarse Grind

Extra Coarse Grind

Extra Coarse means that the coffee beans are broken up completely. It is similar to ground peppercorn, for large particles remain in it.

It fits in with Cold brew or Toddy, Cowboy coffee.

NO.2 Coarse Grind

Coarse Grind

Coarse grind contains distinct and chunky particles, similar to heavy sea salt.

The suitable brew methods are French Press, percolators, and coffee cupping.

NO.3 Medium-Coarse Grind

Medium Coarse Grind

It feels like coarse sand.

You can use the medium coarse grind for brewing methods like Chemex, clever dripper and Café solo brewer. 

NO.4 Medium Grind

Medium Grind

Medium Grind feels subtly smooth when you rub the powder between your thumb and finger.

Suitable brew methods: Flat bottomed drip brewers; cone shaped pour over brewers; Siphon brewers, and the Aeropress. When using the Aeropress with medium grind, you may note that the brew time should be in excess of 3 minutes.

NO.5 Medium-Fine Grind

Medium-Fine Grind

Medium-fine grind provide a staple grind size for people who have a passion for pour over coffee drippers.

This time if you choose the Aerppress methods, you would finish brewing within 2-3minutes.

NO.6 Fine Grind

fine grind

Fine grind is at the level between sugar and powder, because you can still feel individual grains in it. And this is the common standard of pre-ground coffee that you buy from the supermarket.

The suitable brew methods with fine grind are espresso, stovetop espresso marker (moka pot) and the Apropress brewing with 1-2 minute.

NO.7 Super Fine Grind

Super Fine Grind

Extra fine grind sets the last grind size and you can’t feel individual grains when touching with your fingers. It is not commonly used in coffee shop service or homemade. It entails a specialized grinder to obtain the coffee consistency.

The symbolic brew method is Ibrik or say, Turkish coffee which is a method of using unfiltered coffee.

Get the idea among these right coffee grind sizes for different brewing methods? We are so glad to receive your opinions in the comments boxes below.

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