Which Green Tea to Drink before Bed And Why You Should Do That

By September 12, 2017


You may ask yourself no high-calorie food, no alcohol drinks or no strenuous exercise to be done before bedtime. Yes we are quite sure that it is a healthy lifestyle. What about green tea, can you drink green tea before bed? Is it good or bad for you sleep? The answer is yes, you can drink green tea before bed and it’s good for you body if you drink tea the right way.

Generally, green tea can lead your body to two situations, refresh or soothe. But how? That’s because green tea contains both caffeine and tea polyphenol, caffeine refresh your body but the tea polyphenol will soothe your mind. The only thing you have to do is making your own low caffeine good-night tea.

How to choose the right green tea before bed


There are 6 major types of tea and remember to choose one with light taste since it contains less caffeine than dark  strong tea. Light tea such as white tea and Lungching are decent choice before bed. If you insist on dark tea like Pu erh or Oolong, maybe pass the first infusion is also a good choice.

How to brew the low caffeine green tea


After knowing what to drink, here we come to the most important part: brewing. It’s a simple move but very important – discard your first cup of green tea. When you’re brewing tea, at the first 2 minutes it will release caffeine, and after that the tea polyphenol will come into the water. Discard the first cup is a easy but efficient way to dispel most of the caffeine and make low caffeine tea. And if you’re using loose leaf tea, a teapot with infuser is a good help.

Why should you drink green tea before bed


Green tea has plenty of nutritional values that benefit our body.

  • Metabolic boost- You do not need to worry about what you have drunkbefore bed this time. Green tea can help your body burn calories when you sleep. It keeps a deep sleep and thus your metabolic system can work orderly for regular detoxification and skin repair.
  • Soothe nerves- Have a cup of warm green tea before bed to remove your pressure and tiredness and soothe yourThe amino acid, L-theanine in green tea calms you down and makes you peaceful breath and better sleep.
  • Cold and flu prevention- Green tea consumed before bed helps to reduce the risks of cold and flu. Brewed green tea has Antioxidant Propertythat fights against virus in our body and avoids its replication. However, you should go to the doctor when it is in an urgent situation.
  • Blood circulation increasing- If you are easily to get cold feet and hands and have trouble to fall sleep at night, you can try a cup of green tea before bed to stimulate the cells performance in the capillaries and hereby increase the systemic blood circulation. And you can soak your feet in warm water for about 3 minutes to boost the circulation.

How many cups of green tea should you drink


It is good to drink green tea before bed, but only when you have it in moderation. Generally, no more than 2 cups before bed is the optimal amount. Hope the passage gives you some useful information about green tea to drink before bed. If you have any question or perspective, please edit in the comment box below.  

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