Coffee or Tea, Which One is Better for You

By October 15, 2017


Coffee and tea are like two close friends in your life, similar while entirely different. A cup of coffee, whether you favor the cold brew, espresso or instant coffee, it gives you a lasting energy and alertness. It is more of a morning ritual than the tasty drinks you may have. And when we speak of tea, it often refers to a warmer and healthier one. It appears to be a gentle and melting melody to fade out all the stress and fatigue. Which one do you prefer? Here is a chart of comparison.

Is coffee or tea better for your taste and health?


Body Health


Half the dose of coffee, generally 40 mg


70-120mg per cup

Green tea is confirmed positive effect of weight loss, and white tea may help prevent obesity

Weight Loss

Coffee can help mobilize fat from fat tissue  

Tea contains fluoride which could protect your teeth


Coffee may cause tooth discoloration

Study indicates that tea may help prevent the development of type 1 diabetes


Studies have shown that coffee helps prevent type 2 diabetes

10 cups of green tea per day are likely to against liver disorders


Coffee protects your liver from cirrhosis and liver cancer

Tea contains large quantity of Tannings may cause Nausea and Anemia if consuming with empty stomach


Drinking coffee with an empty stomach may cause gastrointestinal issues

Compare to coffee drinkers, tea drinkers had longer and more restful slumbers

Sleep Quality

Coffee drinkers tend to have rough nights

After this, let’s have this in details. Here shows you the caffeine content in coffee and tea.


You have read it, while still be puzzled. In fact, it is not what you choose to pour into your mug but the amount of ingredients exist in counts the most.

Coffee or tea, without regard to the taste, there are no hugely different effects on your overall health. Pay more attention to your feelings after consuming each.

On alertness


Carry your travel coffee mug with homemade cold brew in or order one cup at Starbucks on your way to work, it sobers you up for quite a long time. And you have got accustomed to it. However, if you get green tea as an alternative, you may have the same feeling of alertness in the morning. It turns out that the caffeine content has little relationship with the alertness people get. That’s to say, no better effect appears when you simple rely on the caffeine dose.

Thus, coffee or tea, it depends on your preference.

On sleep


Well, if not a caffeine addict or burdened with task, no one will take a cup of coffee before bedtime. Nevertheless, you may have trouble with sleep quality if you suffer from caffeine overdose. More than 6 cups of coffee taken per day may lead to symptoms like insomnia and depression. And most energy drinks, chocolate bars and decaf coffee also contain caffeine. Therefore, tea shows superiority in sleep quality in that tea drinkers are easier to pass into a deep and longer slumber at night.

On body


Both tea and coffee serves great benefits to our body.

People who drink more tea are found to have lower risks of cancer and heart disease. White tea is rich in antioxidants and promotes the fat-burning effect. And one cup of green tea before bed can boost your metabolism and easier to drop off to sleep. It has proven that coffee drinks, if kept in moderation, can lower the risk of disease like Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

A video from two young boys about their experience and comments on tea and coffee: 


Discussion on benefits of coffee or tea is soaring, but that is absolutely not an either-or decision. Coffee makes you feel so good and tea sets you free. Do not only put emphasis on what you have chosen, but try to follow your normal standard and preference which to some extent represent your healthy way of life. 

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