3 Best Ways to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

By July 1, 2017

make cold brew coffee at home

Once you have tasted really good cold brew coffee, it is very hard for your to change for ordinary iced coffee. Cold brew coffee taste smoother and less acid than regular iced coffee. Coffee shops are aware of its charms, and they charge more for it. But you do not need to pay that for a cup of cold brew coffee, try to make cold brew coffee at home

Besides its better flavor, cold brew coffee has many other benefits. So it is always a good choice to make cold brew coffee. Making cold brew coffee is easy. But if you want the best cold brew coffee possible, it takes a little bit of trial and error. First, you need to choose the best way you like to make cold brew coffee. 

#1 Make cold brew coffee at home without coffee machine

make cold brew coffee without coffee machine

Equipment: 2 large bowls, a tablespoon, a strainer, a cheesecloth, 


  • 1 3/4 cups coarsely ground coffee
  • 3 1/2 cups cold water
  • Milk, Simple Syrup or Ice (optional)

Steps: 1. Add the coarsely ground coffee and cold water in a large bowl. Stir briefly to combine. Add ground coffee and cold water together in a large bowl. Stir briefly to combine. Cover and refrigerate for at least 12 hours or up to 24 hours. 

2. Take out another bowl and cover with a strainer with a cheesecloth in.  Pour the coffee over the strainer, and wait until the liquid has filtered through the strainer. In this way, the coffee the ground are divided. 

3. Serve the coffee over ice, milk or simple syrup at your preference. 

#2 Make cold brew coffee at home with French Press

make cold brew coffee with French Press

Equipment: French Press, burr grinder, scale, tablespoon


  • 140 grams of whole coffee beans
  • 1 L water
  • ice or milk (to taste)

Steps: 1.Coarsely grind the coffee beans. Then add the coffee ground and water in the French Press. Slowly stir for water and coffee ground contacting better. Cover and refrigerated for 12-24 hours. 

2. Slowly push the plunger down and serve with ice or milk 

For detailed tutorial: Make cold Brew Coffee with French Press

#3 Make cold brew coffee at home with cold brew coffee maker

There are many cold brew makers on the market. The most notable ones are Toddy, Filtron, and OXO. Here, let’s take Toddy cold brew maker as an example. 

Equipment: Toddy cold brew maker, tablespoon


  • 12 ounces coarsely ground coffee
  • 7 cups water
  • milk, water, or ice to taste

Steps: 1. Secure the brewing container with stopper. Wet the filter and put it at the bottom of the container. 

2.  Pour in one cup of water first. And then add 6 ounces coffee ground and 3 cups water in the container. Wait for 5 minutes. Then add another 3 ounces coffee ground and 3 cups water in.

3. Lightly stir with the tablespoon. Chill for 12 to 24 hours. 

4. Position the container over a jug and remove the stopper. Let the coffee concentrate  flow into the jug. This coffee concentrate can enjoy for up to two weeks without flavor change. 

5. Serve with water, ice or milk to your taste. But we suggest one part concentrate to three parts water or milk.


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