How to Quit Caffeine without Headaches

By October 3, 2017


How to quit caffeine? I have had no headache experience during my early life without coffee. It is naturally a fixed hour of sleeping and rising and I have a good concentration. However, things turn out to be worse until my first iced cup at home, and I want to say a temporary goodbye to my daily mug. What happened then?



Compared to the aftermath of hurricane lashing throughout the continent, headaches seem to be a perfectly typical low-configuration storm, leaving such pain in my body. I’ve got two methods to quit caffeine without headaches and this may also be of help to you. Before learning how to quit caffeine without headache you need to know why.

Why you suffer from a caffeine headache

A caffeine headache serves as a warning light that your body may have got an improper relationship with caffeine. It comes from several types of sources.

  • Caffeine withdrawal

Abruptly caffeine abstinence leads to an aching head which embodies much stress response within your brain. It occurs when you have a daily caffeine intake basis of 200 mg for at least two weeks.

Nearly headaches last about 2 to 7 days when served more than 5 cups daily, and two months lasting for people of extreme caffeine dependency.

  • Caffeine sensitivity

Maybe I have suffered from caffeine sensitivity and felt needling pain in the front and center of my forehead.

How to get relief without a pounding head


If you have good tolerance of caffeine, try not to consume any additional foods and beverages that contain caffeine. For people in more severity, take pain relievers or go to the doctor for treatment.

However, it is by no means an easy procession; you may become caffeine rebound without a determined mind or poor health condition.

Try the two methods afterwards.

  • The Cold Turkey Method

For people of lighter caffeine addiction, it turns out to be the fastest way to detox from caffeine. You decrease caffeine intake down to zero amount. However, it may come to a failure unless you have got well-prepared.

Couple with pain relievers and plenty of water and food when you have tendency to give up. Pay special attention to your body performance and physical changes after choosing this method. No more deadly headaches will you want.

  • The Weaning Method


Compared to sudden cessation of caffeine consumption, you can cut down your amount depending on personal condition and overall intake.

Reduce 1/4 of a mug once, replace with a half cup of decaf coffee, freshly brewed tea or lemon tea. Note that chocolate and any energy drinks should be reduced nearly half daily, if any. Every 50mg cut causes less harm to your inner body system and easy to hang on. 

It takes longer time and you should make plans to calculate the amount to be quitted. Keep a good state of mind and choose the method suitable for you. You may become unmotivated and tired, but quitting caffeine without side effects like headache is truly a hard work, who never fails? 

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