Black Coffee or Milk Coffee: Which is Better

By August 31, 2017


Argument on the selection of black coffee and milk coffee is under discussion frequently. People pursuing pure taste brewed from black coffee consider it great waste to drink coffee with milk. While many people are really obsessed with the sweet flavor and variable color the milk coffee brings. So if you are one of them or just want a clear answer, you may get to know something about it from this.

First have a brief understanding of the difference between black coffee and milk coffee.


Black coffee


Black coffee means coffee without sugar, cream or milk. Many people seem to have had an unpleasant feeling when drinking black coffee at their first time, while for its benefit; they change their taste and get to enjoy it.

  • Black coffee with low calories for weight loss

Read the nutrition in a medium cup of latte, you may find 17g of sugar, 13g of protein, 180mg of caffeine, 180 calories, and 30mg of cholesterol in it. Only a little milk added will change the fat and calories content significantly. (If you have learned daily intake of sugar and side effects for overboard)

Therefore, if you worry about the sugar content will destroy your weight loss program; it is recommended to have a cup of black coffee, which is considered to have nearly zero calories, to reduce your sugar consumption. No extra sweeteners and cream intake help you set out a healthy coffee drinking habit.


  • Black coffee-the coffee taste as it supposed to be.

Prepare yourself a cup of black coffee as pure as its black color. And it gives you chance to experience nuances which are from its growing regions and brewing methods.

Try to get familiar with the black coffee, and you will love it from the beginning (See the guide).

Milk coffee


What is milk coffee?

Milk coffee is not simple drinking coffee with milk. Originated in Rhode Island, it is perfectly combined with the sweet coffee syrup, coffee and milk. As a traditional local beverage, it has special ratio to follow (2 tablespoons of syrup to 8 ounces of milk).

The proper way to drink it

Milk coffee, if not used whole milk, also provides many benefits to you. It works well when you suffer from acidity because of its comparatively lower PH level contrasted with black coffee. Almond milk being a better option, we love the high quality and unique taste it brings and the calcium added to the coffee. (Different milk coffee types)

Actually the coffee you drink depends on your personal preference and habitual choice, no matter black coffee or milk coffee, try and experiment more and find out your top favorite.

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