Coffee Brew Guide: What Skill Level Are You In

By October 5, 2016

Do you love coffee? Do you like making coffee at home? What kinds of coffee-making methods have you tried? Well, here I will introduce some home-brewed coffee methods, if you are always ready to test new ways to make the best cup of coffee. Here gose…


French Press — Skill Level Beans-skill-1

French Press is one of the most-loved brew methods around the world and at the same time, it is easy enough which will take you about 12 minutes. Here we will use a Ecooe 20 oz french press.

Step 1: Grind Coffee Beans — we will suggest coffee beans to be grinned to the coarsest. If the grounds are too fine, you will get “muddy” coffee in the press.

Step 2: Water — well, the best water temperature for brewing is between 195-205 degress. Noted that wait for 30 seconds before removing the kettle from the heat source and pouring as the boiling water will burn your grounds and ruin your drink.

Step 3: Mix — to start, we suggest a ratio of 2 tablespoons of grounds for every 8 oz of water. When grounds are fully covered by water, please let the coffee bloom for 45 seconds. 

Step 4: Press — While continuing to pour the rest of water into the press, stir the grounds and put on the lid and press. If it is difficult to push down, your grounds are probably a bit too fine; if not, it’s too coarse.  


Aeropress — Skill Level Beans-skill-2

Now, Aeropress, known as the “poor man’s espresso”, is an extremely popular method of one cup brewing.

Step 1: Same as Above

Step 2: Same as Above

Step 3: Filter — while setting the filter over your mug, wet it with hot water to heat your press and mug. (it’s better to place a paper filter into the plastic filter)

Step 4: Pouring — after 30 seconds blooming, continue to pour hot water into the Aeropress.

Step 5: Press — use the paddle to stir for about 5 seconds and then slowly press the coffee through the filter until you hear a hissing noise. 

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Syphon Coffee —  Skill Level skill-level-5

Syphon brewing is rather advanced, and it will take you roughly 12 minutes.

Step 1: Same as Above

Step 2: Assemble your Filter — cloth/ glass/ paper/ metal/ mesh filters are both all right. Drop the filter into the top chamber and use the chain to properly hook it on at the bottom.

Step 3: Heat — slide your Syphon over the heat source (make sure that the wick is tall enough that the flame touches the bottom of the Syphon)

Step 4: Water — when all the water reached the top, pop off the lid and check the temperature (190 degrees is recommended)

Step 5: Brew — place the grounds into the chamber and also give it a quick but gentle stir. 

Step 6: Finish — when removing the syphon from the heat source (if for a small syphone of 3 cups, wait 45 minutes; if for a larger one, 5-8 cups, wait just over 1 minutes), the coffee will be pulled down into the bulb and you can serve your coffee. 

If all of you are interested in more kinds of methods of coffee brewing, comment and let us know that. 

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