Aeropress vs French Press: Which is Better to Brew Coffee

By August 18, 2016

What’s the difference between the French Press and Aeropress for brewing a great coffee? And which one is right for one? Let’s talk about that today. Here I will describe their differences from 9 aspects: including their usage, price, design, potability, capability, filter, cleaning, beverage and taste. 

aeropress vs french press

#1 Aeropress vs French Press: Usage

How to use Aeropress: First, assemble the Aeropress with a paper filter inside the cap and then wet the filter. Then, place the Aeropress on top of a mug or cup. After that, pour in coffee and water. Last, wait a little bit and press down the plunger to brew the coffee.


How to use French Press: First, pour coffee grinders and hot water into French Press. And then stir the coffee and water. After that, put the plunger back on top of the French Press. And let the coffee brew for 3-5 minutes. Last, press the plunger. Then pour the coffee to a pitcher or mug.

how to use French Press

#2 Aeropress vs French Press: Price

Price definitely counts. French Press really differs in cost. You can get a French Press as low as 15 bucks, but it can go up to even 200 dollars. Whereas the Aeropress is a standard price of around thirty dollars.  

#3 Aeropress vs French Press: Design & Material

French Press offers variety design options. You can choose French Press for family use or choose a potable one to enjoy coffee on the go.  And French Press is made of different materials, like ceramic, stainless steel, glass. Unlike French Press, Aeropress is a single design and is made of plastic.

French press vs aeropress design

#4 Aeropress vs French Press: Brew Capability

French Press, obviously, is made for brewing more coffee. You can brew 4–8 cups of coffee with a French Press. But, Aeropress is just a single serve option, which means you can only brew a cup of coffee at a time.

#5 Aeropress vs French Press: Portability

Aeropress is light as it is made of plastic. Therefore it is travel friendly. French Press, however, is not travel friendly as Aeropress. The glass or stainless steel French Press is big and heave to carry in the bag. But you can choose to carry portable French Press. It’s OK.

#6 Aeropress vs French Press: Filter

The Aeropress uses paper filters by default, which can filter out more of the coffee oils and sediment. And, also you can get more filter types with an Aeropress. You can use metal filter to replace the paper filter. But changing filter will influence the flavor of the coffee. French Press is built in with a mesh filter, which cannot help you filter out coffee oil.

#7 Aeropress vs French Press: Taste

Thanks to paper filter which can help stop oil and sediment, Aeropress brews coffee with a clean taste. And you can get a less bitter and smooth coffee with an Aeropress. If you are looking for a cup of strong and robust coffee, then French Press is definitely your choice.

#8 Aeropress vs French Press: Cleaning

The Aeropress is easier to clean up than French Press. When you finish brewing coffee with Aeropress, just pop out the coffee grinders and filter. And then wash it under water. French Press takes a little bit longer to clean up. The mesh filter is hard to clean.  

#9 Aeropress vs French Press: Beverage

Aeropress enables you make different styles of coffee beverages. You can make espresso coffee, lattes, cappuccino, Americanos, and so on. With French Coffee, you can basically make, of course, French Press coffee. But you are not really to make espresso style or lattes, etc.


In fact, both Aeropress and French Press are great. There is no winner between them. The Aeropress is easy to use and quick. It gives you a clean cup of coffee with less oil and less bitter. At the same time, it gives you more beverage options. French Press, also, gives you a great cup of robust and strong coffee. You can get several cups of coffee at a time with a French Press. In conclusion, Aeropress and French Press just fit your different needs.

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