1 Minute Test: How to Tell If Your Coffee Beans Are Fresh

By September 15, 2017


Every one enjoys their cup of Joe in different ways such as K-cups take-out, instant coffee, pre-ground or others. I’m pretty sure that all of you have your own preferred methods. As for coffee geeks I suppose you’d never miss any chance that you can get a fresh coffee from a hand-grilled grounds. The aroma and flavor of fresh ground coffee is absolutely incomparable. 

That’s the reason why we’re all in love with fresh ground coffee, and we already learned that coffee beans can be stored for a year and even more if properly kept(shelf life of coffee). But the thing is, how do we know if the coffee beans are fresh or not? Don’t worry, these little tricks could help. 

Do a little test


Use a Ziploc bag to test if your coffee are fresh or not is super easy. Just place half cup of coffee beans into a Ziploc bag or other seal bags, press out the air inside the bad and seal it. Make sure it’s tight and leave the bag overnight, check it tomorrow morning. We know that fresh coffee release considerable quantity of carbon dioxide(aka CO2). If your bag was full of gas, congrats! Your coffee beans are still good! The longer you store the beans the less CO2 it emits. 

Observe the beans


Coffee beans are roasted to get a longer life and during that procedure it would get an oily outside of the beans. So if the grease were all gone, you may have to ask yourself when is the last time you bought beans.

Touch the beans


If you grab a few of fresh coffee beans and they should be oily and leave a lining of residue on the inside of container. 

Smell the beans


Freshly roasted beans are known for its strong aroma. If you can’t easily smell that flavor of your beans, it may be a good time to buy some new. So now you know how to check if your coffee beans are fresh or not, if you like this page please share to your page or leave us a comment below.

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