What Happens If You Drink Too Much Coffee

By August 3, 2017

what happens if you drink too much coffee

As a central nervous system stimulant, coffee seems to be an indispensible part in modernists’ life under a rapid pace. But apparently, it’s not quite good for us to drink excessive coffee in that consuming too much of it can jack up your adrenaline, dopamine, and glutamate levels. This will lead to side effects on your body in return. So what happens if we drink too much coffee?

First, let’s see an example which states what happens after drinking 10 cups of coffee? (See from Quora)

  • First 3 cups coffee in: Start to feel jittery.
  • 6 cups coffee in: Get starving, shaking and nervous. 
  • 8 cups coffee in: Get slightly delirious – laughing uncontrollably, speaking nonsense. 
  • 10 cups coffee in: Get to bed but has been awake for 25 hours straight and heart is pounding. Have a headache for 2 days.

Too much caffeine is actually quite dangerous. Never drink too much coffee at a time. Now, please see the detailed side effects of drinking too much coffee. 

Do harm to liver

what happens if you drink too much coffee

Although it’s perceived by us that proper amounts of coffee can assist the liver to detoxify the body, too much of it can generate side effects and obstruct your liver’s function by the investigation of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. In especial, if you are having high doses of common OTC pain medicine, it is strongly suggested that you mustn’t drink excessive coffee.

Cause tinnitus

According to the professor of La Trobe University, Dr. Simon Crowe said, within the white noise there may be parts of the song White Christmas and if we hear it press a button. We didn’t include White Christmas in the white noise but found that more people who were very stressed and had high levels of caffeine thought they heard the song. The combination of caffeine and stress affect the likelihood of an individual experiencing a psychosis-like symptom. So coffee is called “the most commonly used psychoactive drug,” and having more than 5 cups a day can have you hearing things. (Learn: How many cups of coffee a day should you drink?)

Cause insomnia

coffee cause insomnia

On average, coffee has a 6 hour life so it approximately takes 24 hours to work its way through your body. Of course, this situation depends on the condition that how well your body absorbs caffeine. That means coffee before bed like is no way to get good quality sleep. You are supposed to drink it between 9 am to 11 am

Coffee addiction

It’s reported that caffeine-related performance improvement is nonexistent without caffeine withdrawal by Johns Hopkins University. In nature, breaking away from caffeine decreases your cognitive performance and makes your mood down. You have no choice but to continue drinking more coffee to get back to normal, and when you do drink it, you feel like it’s taking you to new heights. As a matter of fact, it’s just a short-term back to the normal condition of your performance. So, caffeine only gives you that focused energy because it gets you over caffeine withdrawals in the first place, said John Hopkins researchers. (Learn: Why does coffee make me tried instead of awake? )

After being convinced of the negative impacts of drinking too much coffee, what is the recommended amount of caffeine? It 400 mg per day for healthy adults, adolescents shouldn’t be consuming more than 100 mg/day. But pregnant women are advised to limit their daily intake to 200 mg/day, since caffeine may have detrimental effects on the growth of the baby.

Maybe you are the one who cannot live without coffee, so pay attention to the amount of the coffee that you absorb every day and keep it in within a defined range.

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