Why Shouldn’t You Take Shower After Eating

By March 21, 2017

Although taking shower after eating has been practiced for many years, there are quite a lot of people doubting if it’s quite alright to do this. And most of them have known that it’s not good to take shower after eating from various forums, like Quora, Yahoo and so on. However, only few people know the real reasons behind it. Here I will tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t take shower after eating.

The major reason is that taking shower after eating can interfere with the process of digestion. You may be wondering how, keep reading to see details!

take shower after eating

Digestion requires a lot of energy and a good amount of blood flow toward the stomach. After eating, there is more blood circulated to the intestines for helping with digestion, which means less blood supply to the brain. That’s why you are often sleepy after eating. We all know that body temperature changes all the time. And if you immediately take shower after eating, there would be slight changes in body temperature. (Generally this happens when the water is too hot or too cold.)

take shower after eating is bad

When you take shower, your brain would order the blood flow to rush to the surface of the skin, your arms, the hands, your feet and your legs for moderating the temperature difference. Therefore, blood flow available for digestion would be less. The digestive process just gets ignored at the time and the food remains itself. It will not be converted to the energy required by the body. Hence, Indigestion issues would easily come, which will lead to other health problems.

And for the young and healthy people, the effects of taking shower after eating may be not evident enough; but for the elder and weak people, their digestive health may be suffering. And once you’ve made it a habit of taking shower after eating, trying to stop it or else you will tend to suffer from physical problems. (Indigestion, gastric problems, vomits, etc.)

elder take shower after eating

It’s suggested to take shower before eating if possible. While if you have to take shower after eating, wait for at least half an hour to three quarters of an hour.

Except for not taking shower after eating, tea should be avoided after eating. Drinking tea immediately after eating can influence iron absorption by the body. Even, drinking water while eating is harmful. Likewise, strenuous exercise after eating makes the blood flow for digestion reduce a lot. And the food cannot be digested properly. When you eat fruits right after eating, the fruits will ferment there, creating gas, discomfort, and possibly even weight gain. And it’s said that smoking after eating is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes. Hence, you’d better not do that after eating.

exercise after eating

For the reasons why you shouldn’t take shower after eating, I guess you’ve been quite clear. And things not advisable after eating do more harm than good to your body health; you are supposed to avoid them, especially for people who have heath concerns and bad blood circulations.

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