What Are the Symptoms of Caffeine Withdrawal?

By October 9, 2017


Easy to image such a torture when people get drug addiction treatment since it is a common scene seen in many criminal movies. However, it is not so far away from us all, if you have a severe addiction on caffeine.

It turns out that people are more likely to be addicted to caffeine, surrounded with a social tendency in high-intensity work and emphasized responsibility. Furthermore, some daily foods and beverages may make contributions to the overall caffeine intake. Therefore, you may as well have awareness of foods that contains caffeine besides tea and caffeine, hence not to get things worse.

Pardon, lighten up. Caffeine overtaken will cause no extreme harm like any drugs do. You may, to some degree bear series of caffeine withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly quit caffeine consumption as normal.

Main causes of caffeine withdrawal symptoms


One morning cup wakes you up and gets a clear mind, while cup serving after lunch to keep an efficient productivity. And fight against your drowsiness to complete desk jobs by virtue of a powerful cup of coffee at the dead of night. Yes, not a long time you have been dependent on cups of coffee poured into your stomach.

Actually, caffeine plays its role dominantly in adenosine receptors in your brain. When you build up a caffeine intake basis, more adenosine receptors released that give instructions in right time to sleep to compensate for the caffeine. Then abruptly cut down the amount of caffeine, even down to zero, will result in imbalance between adrenaline level and adenosine and leading to caffeine withdrawal symptoms accordingly.

Main caffeine withdrawal symptoms

What-Are-The-Symptoms-of-Caffeine-Withdrawal-4Withdrawal symptoms are different from everyone depending on how much caffeine you have drunk and how long will you drink again. People who hold different levels of caffeine tolerance vary in sufferings they may experience mentally and physically. If you have a large dose consumed daily, chances may be that you shows way more difficult to get caffeine detoxification than others of lighter amount. Here are top 10 caffeine withdrawal symptoms. And here is a video about caffeine withdrawal symptoms reported from CNN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L8XW2g3ytI 

  • Headache-Headache being the most typical awful feeling, it begins behind the eyes and finally causing an aching head.
  • Sleepiness-You may find yourself being trapped in an overwhelming drowsiness without a caffeine fix.
  • Irritability-Easy to get irritable and impatient if not served daily caffeine consumption.
  • Depression
  • Hard to get concentrated
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Muscle ache
  • Nausea

How to get relief from caffeine withdrawal symptoms


It doesn’t mean coffee has jeopardized your health in body and mentality, but place a premium on the amount you consume daily and the way you serving yourself. Keep it in moderation and there will always be a happy and tasty experience. Here supplies you 5 healthy alternatives to coffee to wake you up, such as lemon water and tea. May you have a good journey.

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