How Do You Know If You Have a Caffeine Addiction

By September 24, 2017


How do you know if you have caffeine addiction? Before reading, answer me these questions please:

  • How frequent do you have caffeinated drinks?
  • How much coffee do you consume once?
  • Do you have a caffeine fix?
  • Do you experience headache without drinking coffee drinks at your coffee fix?
  • Do you find a necessity to add up your caffeine intake amount when you get few boosts?
  • Do caffeinated drinks become your first option when you are thirsty?
  • No matter what your answer appears, you should first have a self-understanding towards your caffeine drinking habits.

    You may have two or three cups of coffee a day and that’s the normal standard and brings you lots of benefits. However, caffeine intake counts more than the cups of coffee you consume, but there are many foods contain caffeine besides coffee, such as brewed tea, energy drinks, chocolate, ice cream etc. You should carefully calculate your caffeine consumption with consideration of these hidden culprits. (see how much caffeine in a cup of coffee)

    Now let’s take it simply; see 3 common signs and check if you get real caffeine addiction.

    Symptoms showing you have been addicted

    Headaches suffers when skipping your morning cup


    Caffeine can be used as an ingredient to make headache reliving pills in that it features in narrowing blood vessel and thus restricting blood flow. Most people suffer withdrawal symptoms like headaches if not served themselves caffeine supplement in the morning. If this does happen to you, you may have a slight caffeine addiction.

    You may easily get irritable and impatient before taking caffeinated drinks

    A morning cup can make you refresh and happy, which has a close relationship with adrenaline released in your body. And caffeine is the stimulus. It seems that your brain is reliant on the comfortable feeling caffeine produces when you have dependence on caffeine.

    Caffeine becomes a necessity to keep you concentrated

    The adrenaline stimulated by caffeine also gives you alertness and a focused mind to deal with tasks in your study and work. If you have gotten accustomed to a flow of caffeine daily, you may find trouble to stay concentrated until you consume caffeinated drinks as usual.

    How should you lower your dependence on caffeine?


    It’s not uncommon to have caffeine addiction as coffee still gains its popularity among people worldwide. And it won’t destroy your body or even your life the way other drugs do. Be aware of the reason and resolution to get rid of and you may feel better.

  • Go to see the doctor first and get professional suggestions
  • Pay attention to your daily caffeine intake and cut down the amount gradually.
  • Add up your daily water consumption
  • Take a cup of herbal tea or drink it with milk or honey as alternative
  • Do you have a caffeine addiction, if it is, hope you will get it through.

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