Why Does Tea Make Me Nauseous

By September 18, 2017


We get the habits that enjoy a sip of tea after meals, and then welcome a boost for digestion in our body. And we may have heard suggestions like: not to prepare ourselves a cup of hot brewed tea before meals.

Have you ever think about the real sense of it? Why does tea play a role in our body health promotion and on the other hand, make us nauseous? Let’s have a quick reflection on it.

What ingredients tea contains?


Freshly brewed tea contains caffeine, which is a stimulant acts on cranial nerves, refreshing your mind. And the fresher the caffeine created, the more powerful it works.

  • Inorganic mineral elements
  • Tea Polyphenols is an antioxidant, which counts as a significant element affecting the taste of tea.
  • Tannins with a bitter taste
  • Carotene
  • Fibrin
  • Tea leaves are rich in Vitamin C, E, U and K.

Why you suffer from it?


You may have such experience that nausea or vomit happens after drinking tea, especially when you are on an empty stomach. Sometimes, even you try different types of tea or adjust water temperature–waiting for a cup of cold brewed tea, it still makes no difference. What exactly contribute to this bad feeling?

From what we have talked above, the core ingredient emerges right there.

It is tannin.

Tannin, an organic substance, is the soul of wine. Tannins can be found in tea leaves and have something related to the inner reaction within our body. When you brewed tea, the caffeine existing in the tea leaves released. And if the brewing time kept longer, the tannins then seep into the cup. If you drink tea after meals immediately, the tannins consumed will affects the absorption of protein in stomach and results in gastrointestinal dysfunction. In the end, we feel sick and nauseated.

How can you get relief?


  • Eat something beforehand. (Tips on drinking tea)
  • Drink water with tea to dilute the high tannins concentration. Milk is OK, for it binds the tannins in our stomach and eases the sickness.
  • Cut the brewing time, because the amounts of tannin accumulate with longer brewing time.
  • Serve yourself kind of ginger drinks or chew it directly, it is the right food that makes you feel better.


The essence is to make sure you have eaten something before you drink tea, while note that not to prepare a hearty meal for yourself. Hope the passage above gives you some helpful information about the reason for nausea happens after drinking tea. And if you have any question or perspectives, please edit in the comment boxes below.

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