The 6 Best Teapots in 2017

By November 18, 2016

How to get the best teapot for you online could be an easy but difficult problem. First standard of your teapot purchasing should be based on the size. Sizes from one to six cups, sometimes larger. A gigantic Majolica pot could be good-looking and heart-warming but if filled with water it weighs about five pounds and contains more tea soup than your family can drink, it will be better suited for collector’s shelf instead of your kitchen table.

Then the next most important aspect is your preference for material (porcelain, glass, ceramic etc). Also, those important factors of the best teapots should be included: whether it’s easy to hold, pours smoothly, and also to fit in your budget. So here is the pick of the best teapots in 2017 with the most steady structure and chic design.

 Floral Teapot
Primo Teapot
 Glass Teapot
 “Zen” Teapot
FORLIFE Curve Teapot   XDOBO Chinese Tea Pot
       Price    $31.66   $39.99     $22.99     $33.38     $29.52 $19.99
    Utensils  40 Oz  32 Oz  30 Oz 42 Oz   24 Oz  13 Oz
 Material  Cast iron Stainless steel   Borosilicate glass Glass   Porcelain  Clay 
Pros 1. Cast iron brewing
2.Won’t spill a drop
3.Easy maintenance 
1. Stable 18/8 stainless steel 
2. Includes a tea infuser
3. All parts dish washer safe

1. Stovetop heating available
2. Anti scaled handle 
3. 18/8 stainless steel infuser

1. Decent bamboo tea scoop
2. Teapot rests, bamboo base included 
3. Unique design 

1. Chic classic look
2. Made from lead-free material
3. Dishwasher safe

1. Handmade lovely teapot
2. Maintains tea flavor
3. Enhancing the infusion with repeated use
Cons 1. Cold cast iron cool the tea quickly
2. Heavy and difficult to handle
1. May get rusty if be exposed to salt
2. Comparative high price
1. Thin glass needs gently care 1. Bamboo scoop can’t be soak in water
2. Needs brush to clean inner space
1. Not microwave safe
2. Too small 
1. Can’t use for different types of tea
2. Skills needed
Where to buy Amazon   Amazon Amazon  Amazon  Amazon Amazon

#1 Primula Floral Teapot — $31.66


1. Right size — my previous one was 25 oz, and it was too small for the family of 3 people. This one is just right.    2. Spout tip is bent downwards — you’d be surprised how many of those have straight spouts, which makes it nearly impossible to use them without creating a mess. This one however does not spill a single drop.

 — Top review from Mr.Twister on Amazon, read more review

#2 Fireling Primo Teapot — $39.99


I usually don’t fall in love with inanimate objects, but this Frieling tea pot has won me over. Beautiful design, perfect function, high quality materials and construction. It doesn’t get better than this. If you know someone who drinks tea, this is a perfect gift.

 — Top review from Matthew Guerreiro via Amazon, read more review

#3 Ecooe Borosilicate Glass Teapot — $22.99   

Clear glass teapot are a brilliant choice if you wanted to witness the “agony of leaves”. Glass pots can stain and a little elbow grease, with or without mild soap, it’s super easy to clean glass thoroughly. They always say that there are only two caveats: never put a hot teapot in a freezer or refrigerator and never put it directly on a gas or electric stove, because it might crack due to fast temperature change. But this problem won’t exist on borosilicate glass(learn more about this magical glass) cause it can resist vary temperature. Ecooe glass teapot is one of the most inexpensive product of borosilicate glass teapot. Not only look great but easy to clean, great to use and can be used directly on stove.


This pot is absolutely adorable. It is a huge upgrade over our family’s traditional Chinese porcelain teapot. Not only does it makes the cleanest, most uniform tea I’ve ever tasted with absolutely no leaves in the team, but the glass also lets you fully examine the tea, not to mention that it lets you know when to clean it (which is easily done with large openings).

 -Top review from FizzyFizz via Amazon, read more review

#4 BonJour “Zen”  Glass Teapot -$33.38


“What a beautiful teapot! It looks great but is also a great quality product~ so balanced when you pour. I love it!”

 — Top review from Jimmice S. via Groupon, read more review

#5 FORLIFE Curve Teapot — $29.52


The perfect teapot! It functions exactly as it’s supposed to. The stainless steel basket is easy to clean and the seal on the lip keeps it in place through pouring from the spout that never drips. All this, and it’s adorable and cheery as well. Kudos to the designer and manufacturer.

 — Top review from Stella via Amazon, read more review

#6 XDOBO Chinese Tea Pot — $19.99

Ceramic teapots were usually fired in open pits, and origianted 11,000 years ago in Asia and went for everyday use now. Clay and earthenware pots has natural heat-retention properties, low seepage, and brew the leaves very quickly. What I would suggest is to use it a timer or two before you actually purchase one. Using traditional clay tea wares need skills and time.


This pot is small Probably only good for a single cup of regular tea. Which is fine for me I was looking for a pot for matcha ceremonial tea. This is perfect for that also (you don’t want to drink a lot of matcha at one time unless you are close to the bathroom.

  — Recommendation from C niez via Amazon, read more review

So here is our pick of the best teapots in 2017, hope you guys enjoy! And if you want to read more about other best pick in 2017, here is our best pick of the best pepper mills in 2017.

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