Beginner’s Guide: How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

By August 18, 2016

Are you new to tea? Then you have come to the right place. Why? Here the article will introduce you the basic knowledge of tea and teach you how to brew loose leaf tea at home.

Types of Tea

To get started, let’s discover the types of tea first.

Tea Type

Amount (tsps)

Water Temp.

Steeping Time



194 – 210℉

3-5 min



176 – 185℉

1-3 min



185 – 205℉

1-3 min



176 – 185℉

1-2 min



170 – 190℉

1-3 min




2-5 min

Tea Bag or Loose Leaf Tea?

There is a common conception that using tea bags is more convenience than using loose leaf tea. So, for the sake of convenience, many people choose to buy tea bags to make a cup of tea. Though tea bags are convenient, it has many problems.

tea bag and loose leaf tea

First and foremost, the tea bags contain very poor quality tea. The tea on the tea bag is pretty close to tea dust. And the tea is most probably machine-picked, which means that you are going to be drinking a lot of twigs, secondary leaves and things that you really shouldn’t be drinking. Second, tea bag brews very quickly and releases all of its tannins at once, and this means that the tea is much bitterer that it should be.

Loose leaf tea, on the other hand, is fresh and tastes good. You can avoid the low quality ingredients and get the finest quality leaves.

Given the above, loose leaf tea is highly recommended. But, there are some people always think that brewing loose leaf tea in inconvenience. That’s definitely misunderstanding. Today, let’s dispel the myth loose leaf tea is inconvenient to brew and learn how to brew loose leaf tea easily.  

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea Easily?

To brew loose leaf tea, first you need prepare a teapot with infuser built in. This will make your easily brew tea.

brew tea

The Brew Method:

1.  Put in 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea for every cup (8 oz) of tea.

2. Rinse the tea.

3. Fill the teapot with hot water.

brew tea

4. Let the tea steep 3-5 minutes.

5. Take out the infuser and serve the tea.

serve tea


  • Remember, strong tea is not equal to steeping longer. Steep a tea too long will make it bitter. If you like strong tea, add more tea leaves.
  • Rinsing your tea will soften the leaf, open the leaf up. And, at the same time, it will shorten your steeping time, which makes you tea become less bitter.
  • Water temperature is very important to brew tea. You should refer to the above chart to find the suitable temperature of brewing tea.  
  • Multiple steeping teas are good, which can bring out more subtle flavors and notes.
  • Remember to remove the tea leaves once you finished brewing. Do not leave them in the water to stew.
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  1. green loose leaf in a mug

  2. I always use a teapot,tea tastes so much better that way x

  3. I like loose tea in a pot

  4. Usually tea bags , but brew loose tea when its special

  5. I just use Tea Bags currently

  6. I prefer loose tea

  7. Jasmine or Green loose leaf

  8. This tea pot would make brewing loose tea easy!

  9. I’m bad for using tea bags. I drink tea at work and don’t have the luxury of proper brewing time

  10. Usually we use tea bags but do have tea ball strainer for some of the loose leaf teas….depends what is on hand…

  11. Boil water on a pot on the stove.for like 5mn…add the leafs let it boil some more n reduce to half than wait to cool..too much i know

  12. I use tea bags – but only because the loose tea seems more complicated….

  13. I just brew my tea with a teabag in a cup…

  14. I generally boil some water, soak my tea leaves and pour water in the teapot, put in the leaves and steep for 4 or 5 minutes depending on how strong I want it.

  15. I warm the pot and add freshly boiling water and leave to brew

  16. I find this is the best way to have a cup of tea.. All natural is the way to go!!

  17. I do love loose tea but as a mum with two young children who rarely gets a hot/warm cup of tea I do use a lot of tea bags.

  18. I prefer the tea bag over loose tea.

  19. I warm the pot and add freshly boiling water and leave to brew for 2 minutes or more.

  20. Whole leaf tea is the best .

  21. At home I just use tea bags right now, I really would like a teapot so I can brew loose leaf tea!

  22. Boil water, soak tea leaves. pour water in tea pot, add leaves and steep for aprox 3-5 min. Wow!

  23. I brew leaf tea in a stainless steel teapot but if I decide tohave a flowering tea it goes in a small glass one I have (only big enough for one, sadly)

  24. Water tea bag and sugar i let it boil and add milk and let it boil for 2 minutes :Chai

  25. Teabag in a cup for me with milk and sugar.

  26. I have a very cute single person tea pot and tea cup that my best friend bought me for my birthday years ago. As I am the only person in my family who drinks tea, it’s the perfect size for me.

  27. I just add tea bag to my mug and then pour in hot water, adding honey afterwards.

  28. Teabag in a cup with sugar and boiled water and then milk.

  29. Loose leaf

  30. I boil it and then strain it

  31. I usually use real tea in a little infuser .

  32. Unfortunately I do not have a teapot with an infuser but I love tea made from leaves. Right now I am buying the tea pods and use them in my Keurig machine. I would live to have this teapot with the built in infuser.

  33. I currently use teabags, and just leave the bag in until I’m done drinking my tea.

  34. I usually use teabags, but I pay attantions to the time of infusion, otherwise it won’t be tea, but just dirty water…as my roomates always say!

  35. I usually use teabags.

  36. Just a plain old bag does the trick for me!!

  37. Always loose with an infuser. I have a ceremonial Korean Tea set that was made by a local artist when I was overseas visiting. If I do this way then there’s a process of warming the cups and there’s no infuser involved.

  38. I have a ceramic infuser. That removes the metal taste.

  39. Loose leaf tea in a tea pot with strainer allows for the tea to fully open. So delicious (and with a clear glass teapot its even delicious on the eyes!)

  40. sage kettle so it brings the water to the correct temperature

  41. It depends on the type of tea. I use loose leaf for green tea but bags for chai or English tea.

  42. I let my black tea steep at least 10 min. I prefer it strong

  43. I always prefer loose leaf tea. The taste is far superior!

  44. I’ve always used teabags unfortunately as I don’t have the means to brew using tea leaves. I did try using one of the round metal things you put the leaves in and put in the cup, like a make your own tea bag but metal, but it’s messy and dodgy.

  45. I use both..bag and infuser..

  46. I use tea bags when I’m lazy, but I also have loose leaf. I save it for special treats because i got it when i was living in alaska, and they made the blend there.

  47. I’m afraid I use teabags :-(

  48. I use loose leaf tea in a little stainless steel ball.

  49. I have a tea pot but with no infuser. A few years ago I had one of the metal infusers that did just a cup at a time. No idea where it went!

  50. I brew my tea in a tea egg in my grandmother’s brown betty teapot.

  51. I use tea bags and after reading this I won’t be using them any more.

  52. Tea bag, brew in cup for minute or two

  53. tea bag in cup, boiling water, let it brew for a few minutes then add a little milk

  54. For brewing tea at home we first boil water, then add half a teaspoon of tea leaves and simmer for 5 minutes, then add a little milk, one more boil and ready to serve.sugar is according to taste.

  55. I like loose leaf tea

  56. 1. Put in 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea for every cup (8 oz) of tea.

    2. Rinse the tea.

    3. Fill the teapot with hot water.
    4. Let the tea steep 3-5 minutes.

    5. Take out the infuser and serve the tea.k

  57. I brew green tea from a whole leaf as I very familiar with them now.

  58. I brew my green tea from a bag as i don’t own an infuser but it is on my Christmas wish list :) x x

  59. I Love tea. I drink 10 cups a day. Talk about addiction. Would love to win this!

  60. i enjoy green tea loose leafs in my cute infuser .

  61. It’s amazing how many people don’t know that tea bags are just bad quality tea. They’re convenient, but garbage.

  62. I brew green tea from a bag as I don’t own a convenient infuser

  63. I prefer loose green tea but am often rushed so I use a green tea product, I steep mine far longer than indicated, I just love the flavour

  64. Loose tea is always better – and good for reading leaves too ;p

  65. I do not like to steep my tea to long. I do not like it bitter.

  66. I use both loose tea and bags. First I pour hot water in the teapot so it won’t cool off the tea. I put an infuser or bag in the pot and pour boiling water over it. Let it steep until I like the colour and remove the bag or infuser. Some teas can become bitter if you leave the bag in.

  67. I use a teabag, put it in the cup and let it brew.

  68. I prefer black tea.

  69. I use tea bags because I don’t have a teapot!

  70. I thought White tea was cooler brewing temp…. What do i know !

  71. I am afraid I use the modern method of boiling kettle and ready made tea bag but that’s because it’s convenient although it doesn’t taste as good as doing it properly.

  72. I brew in a cup or pot.

  73. I think loose taste lots better.