How to Easily Clean Microwave

By December 31, 2016

How to Easily Clean Microwave

Are you crazy on cleaning kitchen? Have no idea on how to easily clean microwave?  Here I will recommend you some useful and practical tricks.


clean microwave outside

The outside of the microwave is often made of metal or plastic materials. And some even have the mirror surface for better looking. It is relatively easy to clean the surface of a microwave. A rag or a sponge can help you out of this trouble. Soak the rug or sponge in the warm water, wring it out and scrub. Then, most of the stains can be wiped out. If some of the stains (usually the water stain) still cannot be removed, you can try to add some vinegar in you warm water before soaking.


clean microwave inside

Cleaning the inside of the microwave may be the most important part. As it is known to us all that the operating principle of microwave is that the very high-frequency radios emitted penetrate the food instantly, accelerating the movement of the water molecules, heating the food. If a thick layer of  food splatters exists inside, it will absolutely cut down the efficiency of the microwave.

Prepare a microwave-safe bowl, filling with some water and a tablespoon of white vinegar.  Put the bowl into microwave and heat with high heat for 3 minutes or so.

With the vaporization of the vinegar, the stain in the microwave will gradually be softened. And after that, wait for a while until the steam condenses into tiny droplets. Then, starting to clean the microwave, you will find it’s really easy to remove the food splatters. And if  fresh lemon juice is available, it would be great. Since it can help remove the odor as well as bring some fruit fragrant.

Turn-plate & swivel piece

clean microwave bottom

When you clean the bottom of your microwave, the turn-late and swivel piece should be paid much attention. It can only be cleaned when it’s cold, in case that it may hurt you. After cleaning, you are supposed to use another dry rag to wipe off the water. And put the turn-plate and swivel piece back into your microwave.

Learning  how to easily clean microwave is of great importance, for the sake of both your health and the longevity of your microwave. And the microwave is just like human. We human beings need to take shower every day. So does the microwave, which needs to be cleaned periodically.

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