How to Clean a Smelly Kitchen Sink?

By November 11, 2016

What items are most-used in your home? Well, I think, kithen sink is among the rest. Throughout the day, the kitchen sink holds dirty dishes, leftover food and standing rinsing water, which can cause stains, odor, and make it a haven for gems. So how to clean a smelly kitchen sink? 

How to Clean a Smelly Kitchen Sink

Actually, there’re two steps to clean a smelly kitchen sink permanently.

Firstly, you need to clean the drain pipes which is likely where the smell is coming from.

Option 1: Remove the curved sections of drain pipe directly below your sink and remove the material stuck in there before thoroughly clean the parts. 

Please be careful that there’s probably water sitting in the drain. 

How to Clean Kitchen Drain Pipe

Then, fill the kitchen sink with water and pour a cup of vinegar into it. After half of an hour, pour some baking soda and mix with the water into a thin paste before flushing it with flow water, which can further clean the sticky stuff on the drain pipe and the stains in the sink. By the way, you can use vinegar and baking soda to remove coffee stains from cups

Baking Soda with Vinegar to Clean Sink Drain

Surely, at last, you could use a soft cloth dipped with a little amount of olive oil to wipe the kitchen sink for shinning once again. 

If you have more other tips on cleaning a smelly kitchen sink, please feel free to comment below. 


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