Home remedy: How to Get Rid of Stains on Clothes

By December 29, 2016

how to get rid of stains on clothes

Friends, do you have trouble in getting rid of stains on clothes. I am sure most of you have been bothered a lot by the stains on your clothes, especially for the stains on your favorite clothes. No matter how much you like your clothes, if some stains are on it, I guess you will never think about wearing it again. This time, I will give you some detail information about how to get rid of the stains on clothes and I hope you can enjoy it.

Mildew stains

Tip 1: Soak your clothes in rice water for one night or so, rubbing it with your hands in the next morning and the mildew can be eliminated.

Tip 2: Adding some vinegar and salt in the water, and washing the clothes with it, you will find the mildew disappear after that.

Tip 3: Also, you can get your clothes hung out in the sunshine before washing, then brushing the mildew part with the detergent.

mildew stains

Oil stains

Tip 1: Once your clothes suffer from oil stains, you can use the detergent wash it as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the earlier you wash the oil stains, the easier you can wash it away.

Tip 2: You can also choose to use toothpaste to help you remove the oil stains. Putting some toothpaste on the stains, rubbing it repeatedly, the oil stains then disappear.

oil stains

Blood stains

Tip 1: When your clothes are just contaminated by blood, you can use some cold water or saltwater to soak it for several minutes (do not use the hot water, which may leads to the condensation of the protein in blood), then use the soap or alcohol to wash the blood stains

Tip 2: Likewise, if the lemon juice is available, you can then mix it with the saltwater. The mixture can help remove the blood stains.

blood stains

Juice stains

Tip 1: When you are confronted with solving the juice stains problem, you can sprinkle some salt on it, and then soak it into the soap water, the stains can be easily washed away.

Tip 2: Spraying several drops of vinegar can also be a good choice. Rubbing the stains with your hand for several times, washing with clean water after that, you can get your clothes clean.

juice stains

Sweat stains

For sweat stains, you can use concentrated saltwater to remove the stains. But you are supposed to avoid using hot water when washing the clothes made of cotton, otherwise the coagulating protein attached to the fabric may form yellow spots.

sweat stains

Rust stains

The most convenient way is to use the fresh lemon. Squeeze the juice on the stains, rubbing the stains over and over again until the stains are removed. Finally, use the soap water to clean it up.

rust stains

We can see that there are so many ways for us to get rid of stains on clothes. The way to remove the stains differs from each other according to the types of the stains. It will be much easier for you to wash away the stains when you use what I have mentioned above for reference.

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