How to Remove Mildew or Mold from Clothes

By January 6, 2017

Have you ever been bothered by the mildew or other stains of the clothes you like? You are not alone.  This really draw you crazy, right? Don’t worry, I will tell you how to remove mildew from clothes today. If you want to see more details, just keep reading, more tricks will be showed in the following part.

#1: White Vinegar & Water


Vinegar can help you remove mildew from clothes. Put the cloth in the vinegar and water mixture and let it be fully soaked for 15 minutes or so (the ratio of the vinegar and the water is often 4:1). Then what you need to do is using some detergent or soap to wash it for one more time. And the mildew smell would just go away.

#2: Lemon Juice & Salt

lemon and salt

To remove mildew from clothes, mix the salt and the lemon juice up, and then rub it on the stain, putting the clothes under the sunshine until the stain get dry. By doing so, the clothes can not only recover to its original color but also smells not that unpleasant.

#3: Backing Soda & Detergent

backing soda

There is also another way available to help remove mildew from clothes. Soak the clothes in water with some backing soda. And then wash the cloth in washing machine with detergent. After that, put it under the sunshine.

#4: Rice Water

rice water

If possible, the rice water is also a very good choice to solve the light mildew problem on clothes. Soak your cloth rice water for half hour. After that, wash the cloth in your washing machine.

#5: Borax & Water


Make a cup of mixture of borax and water on a ratio of 1:4. Soak the garments in the mixture until the mildew is gone.

#6: Bleach & Hot Water


Wet the mildewed area with water and rub in some powdered detergent. And leave the clothes in washing machine with hot water in. Then, add some bleach into the washing machine. Finally, you can remove mildew from clothes.

Well, the above 6 tricks are all what I want recommend to you. And they are worthy of trying. You may want wait for some time to try those tricks, but how can the mildew or mold stains on your clothes wait?

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