[Round-Up] 10 Household Uses for Salt

By December 24, 2016

household uses of salt

Salt, a commonly used condiment in our life, which can make our food taste better. Maybe because it’s too common that most of us only know the basic function of it—to make food taste better. Actually, it also has many other functions, which may strike you a lot. And 10 household uses for salt will be given in the following, which, I think, can benefit you a lot.

Preventing clothes from fading

fade clothes

The newly-bought clothes, more or less, can fade from its original color every time we wash it. And it can put us in a dilemma that whether we should still keep the clothes, towards which our intention to wear it has discounted a lot. The salt can be a great help. Soak your newly-bought clothes in the water with salt added and your clothes will not that easily fade.

Cleaning up the pesticide on fruit

clean fruit

When you wash the fruit, try to rub some salt on the wet fruit and then, flush it away. By doing so, you can not only remove the dirt on the fruit but also can clean up the toxic pesticide residues in the fruit.

Dealing with the broken eggs

broken eggs 

You may break the eggs on the floor on account of your carelessness sometimes, the sticky egg on your floor may make you feel at loss and don’t know what to do. Don’t feel worried about that, the salt can get you out of the trouble. Just sprinkle some salt on that mess and wait for 10 minutes or so, it will be much easier for you to clean.

Cleaning a burnt pan

burnt pan

Sprinkle a cup or two of salt in the bottom of the scorched pan and add enough water to cover. Shake the pan for a while, the black burned mess will fall, leaving a sparkling pan.

Eliminating the mildew stain

Remove mildew stain

Generally, the damp weather can bring us a lot of troubles. It can not only makes us feel blue but can lead to the mildew stain on our towel and clothes. Things can also go worse, because the mildew odor will follow, which can definitely disgust us a lot. You can mix the salt and the lemon juice up, and then rub it on the stain, putting the clothes under the sunshine until the stain get dry. Then the mildew stain can be removed.

Preventing the food from splashing

fry chicken

When we fry something at home, the food can often splash out from the pan, which may frighten us a lot and put us under a very dangerous situation. Why not put some salt in the oil, you will not suffer from frighten.

Removing the stain on cup

remove coffee stains

Stain on the cup may increase with time going by, which may reduce our aspiration of having a cup of tea or coffee to nothing. Using some salt can help remove the stain, your cup will be just like a brand new one. Ordinary vinegar and backing soda will work in a pinch as well.

Making cut flowers more flouring

make flower last longer

Everyone enjoys fresh flowers at their house, while only few can keep its freshness for a long time. If some salt is added to the water the flower relies, it will live longer. Also, vinegar can do the trick. 

Defrosting meat quickly

defrost meat

Have a frozen chunk of meat you want to defrost before dinner? How to defrost fast? Soak the meat in water and add some salt in it. The meat can defrost fast, at the same time keep it fresh.

Removing the blackheads

remove blackhead

The blackheads on the nose can bother us a lot. When washing your face, you can use some salt to help remove the blackheads. And this way is often favored by girls.

All in all, we can benefit a lot from so many merits of salt. Do you have any other household uses for salt? Post your own in the comments. 

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