Coffee for Concentration: How Does it Work?

By October 18, 2017


How to stay focused? Like a successful organizer, make a to-do list, do the toughest task first, and do one thing at a time. However, it turns out that people are more likely to be distracted by others or the surrounding environment. And the ways to increasing your concentration ends up with a mental battle.

Get no idea? Actually, there is one thing that you are quite familiar and have closely contact with almost every day.

It is coffee, the top sales in the world. A morning mug (Maybe you will change the time) perks you up and improves alertness. Well, it works on your brain and mental performance as well. How does caffeine work on concentration? Well, let’s find out.

Coffee that boost your concentration


Caffeine sensibility has a great influence on the final efficiency of concentration. Some brands may do a great job in keeping you focused, and what helps others concentrate may not fit you exactly.

Here shows you some recommendations that come from real coffee drinking experience.

  • Try coffee blend like Campos Superior Blend and Bulletproof Coffee.
  • Add sugar or milk into your cups to increase concentration by raise your blood sugar level.
  • For occasional coffee drinkers, regular coffee consumed no more than 3 cups still enhance mental performance.

On which part of your body does coffee work to get you concentrated

  1. On brain


  • Boost concentration- People’s mind and daily behavior are controlled by the instructions of brain. When you drink coffee, the caffeine will stimulate the specific area in your brain and speed up its movement. Thus, you get full attention and concentration.
  • Enhance memory- In most cases, we are in the short term memory to handle problems and learn new knowledge. Therefore, it is vital to cultivate great short term memory. Studies have shown that the caffeine in coffee has a close relationship with the STM enhancement. It promotes our performance and capability if consumed on a daily basis. Besides, kids should be trained for better learning and comprehensive ability at their early age. Want to know the right age for kids to start drinking coffee.
  1. On performance


  • Workplace- To boost your productivity and drive away undesirable drowsiness in the afternoon, serve yourself a cup of coffee and then take a 20-minute coffee nap. A short term coffee nap helps to increase your concentration during your work hours. Still, caffeine can boost your memory, promote your performance and help to create a highly motivated working environment. Being in a happy mood, have a positive theme chat with all your colleagues, be it an informal discussion or a meeting.
  • Sports- Should you drink a cup of coffee before workout? Of course you can. Having certain amount of caffeine intake before exercise improves your workout endurance and performance. Thus, you can stay at a comfortable state and keep concentrated for longer time when you take any low or high intensity exercise.

Everything wonderful starts with a healthy attitude and habit, so does the coffee. Find out the one suits you the most that perk you up, increase your concentration and shape your life.

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