Why Is My Iced Tea Cloudy/Murdy?

By October 27, 2017


Why is my iced tea cloudy/murdy? Will it damage my health? Quite often a tragedy occurs in summer days, the original flavor of iced tea has lost and its pure color has changed to a darker one. As an iced tea lover, I consider the tea-making process a combination of wisdom and feelings that show great difference and can calm me down. 

However, how does it happen? Need more advice? Keep reading.

How to make perfect clear iced tea


Most time I make two cups of tea daily, one cup of iced tea to drink after lunch and the other before bedtime.

Prepare one tea bag or one tablespoon of loose leaf tea(tea bag or loose leaf tea which is better?), hot water and peppermint.

  1. Steep the tea leaves/tea bag with peppermint in the hot water for 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Then put it aside at room temperature for two hours.
  3. Preserve tea leaves in the chilling chamber of the refrigerator.
  4. Add ice into the chilled glass with tea leaves and put peppermintoverit.

No more harder than preparing a cup of coffee, however, such simple steps may also cause cloudiness in the end.

Why is your iced tea cloudy?


Move back to the steps mentioned above and find the truth.  

  • You may have your tea chilled too quickly.
  • When leave your tea bags to steep, some ingredients such as Tannins were released in the water. It comes the way dissolute in the hotter water and separate out in the chilled one. Once you have finished steeping, put tea leaves at room temperature for nearly 2 hours to cool it down. A quick chill makes Tannins settle out and damage your cups of tea.
  • No proper preservation in the refrigerator. Do not preserve tea leaves in the freezer compartment, because extreme low temperature makes tannins separateout in your cups and it gets cloudy.
  • Water used. Use soft water or filtered water to steep tea leaves. The proteinsand minerals in the hard water can make your iced tea cloudy.

Tricks to make you a crystal clear iced tea


To avoid cloudiness in your iced coffee, there are some tricks that help you to prevent it.

  • Try to keep your time free before you begin to steep. In other words, a longer cold steep will do the trick; let tea leaves cool down longer at room temperature.
  • Use room temperature water.
  • Exchange the steps of cooling. Try to add ice cubes into your glass and then add your chilled tea over it. It will be better than throwing the ice into tea because the ice cubes chills your mugs evenly and thoroughly.

Have you got answers and solutions to your cloudy iced tea, if you have any questions please edit in the comment boxes below.

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