How To Store Loose Leaf Tea

By October 12, 2017


Sweet smell and mellow flavor, romance of wine improves with age. Strong aroma and palatable taste, the joy of coffee drinking increases with more home brew times we have. 

When it comes to loose leaf tea, we really appreciate its freshness and fragrance. As a Tea lover, tea makes rush life comfortable and relaxing so that we have chance to find real fun in the fast-rhythm of life. Therefore, how to maintain loose leaf tea as its original taste? And specifically how to store loose leaf tea, if you have shown your stand to the battle between tea leaf and tea bags.


While store loose leaf tea isn’t so hard, you may as well take it seriously. And here is  a video about how to keep loose leaf tea between infusions:

Let’s make it step by step.

1# Choose a right container


  • Material of the container: stainless steel, glass

Stainless steel containers should be your first option. It keeps tea away from sunlight. loose leaf tea can be stale fast if exposed to light, because some ingredients in it have changed already. If you have no stainless steel container available, choose a colored glass container rather than a clear one to store tea leaf. The former container makes sure a safer storage environment.

  • Pay attention to the container you choose.

If you got tea from a paper bag, remember to transfer it into the container mentioned above. And make sure the vessel is airtight so as to keep tea leaf away from oxygen. Besides, don’t open and close the container frequently.

2# Choose a right storing place


  • Keep it at room temperature

Keep loose tea leaves away from heat like heaters or ovens in the kitchen, for it can speed up oxidation and thus damage your tea. On the other hand, do not put loose tea leaves into refrigerator. Any excessive change in temperature affects the aftermath of tea storage. Therefore, keeping it at room temperature comes to the best way to maintain its nature.

  • Keep it away from moisture

Make sure to keep your tea free from any liquid, or it will absorb moisture in the air and release its flavor. Thus, loose leaf tea becomes heavier and begins to steep in the air because of humidity.


  • Keep it away from strong odors

Apart from moisture your tea leaf absorbs, any strong odors it can “get along well with”. Like the spices in the kitchen or rubber toys in your baby’s room and even your espresso machine can make a combination to some degree. Maybe you should put your container at a completely dark, dry and airtight small corner.

Keep your tea as it supposed to be and makes you full of energy all day long. It is kind of a continuation of purity. In a short word, there’s two key point of storing loose leaf tea. The first is your container, then the place. Hope you have got the idea.

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