Is It OK to Drink Green Tea on an Empty Stomach

By October 6, 2017


Tea, an ancient mark of civilization in Asia, travels across worldwide and has been integrated as a distinct culture among most Europe countries. In the contemporary fashion of life, the popularity of tea drinking practice makes a comparatively equal way as coffee. Proud of being tea members, people place a premium on improving their tea rituals. Thus, is it good or bad for your body if you take tea with an empty stomach?


It is not uncommon that fresh green tea leaves or tea bags, instead of well-known brands of coffee beans, fill up your cup to make you sober-minded, right after turning off your ringing alarm clock.

However, what’s your priority between breakfast and green tea served? Is it a good option to drink green tea on an empty stomach? For healthier tea consumption, green tea should be taken later. Let’s have this in details.

What ingredients contain in green tea


  • Tannins, or catechins accounting for 30-40% weight of green tea extract solids, feature antioxidants and antibacterial properties.
  • Caffeine content, a good morning pick-me-up, stimulates our brain and relieves stress.
  • Theanine in green tea benefits you in sleep quality, concentration increasing and long-lasting relaxation.
  • Vitamin B/C/E
  • Alkalinitylike potassium, calcium and zinc, etc.
  • Pigments

Note that these benefits take effect only when you keep a moderate dose, and excessive amounts of green tea can be hazardous to your body system, especially on an empty stomach. Go on and find out some side effects.

Adverse effects come from green tea with an empty stomach


  • On stomach

Tannins in green tea can increase stomach acidity, causing stomach problems like constipation, nausea or vomiting. It stimulates your stomach directly when you have no food eaten before.

  • On sleep quality and mentality

Many grow-ups are fond of green tea for the caffeine content. Caffeine in brewed green tea shares the same function with coffee. (Want to know the caffeine content comparison between tea and coffee.) However, for people in poor sleep quality, you may suffer from bad sleep and nervousness the rest of the day if consumed large dose of green tea before meals.

  • On absorption

Some ingredients containing in green tea bring out beneficial functions, while it may turn to a tragedy if not proper consumed.

Catechins bring out astringent flavor of green tea. On the flip side, it takes an unfriendly look to people dealing with anemia. If you prepare yourself a cup of green tea without eating any food before, chances are that the catechins in your mug damage the iron absorption and hereby exacerbate your condition. Next time make sure to have some foods on hand to avoid suffering from anemia.

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Hope you have got some useful idea on green tea drinking, if you have any question or perception, please edit in the comment boxes below.

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