[Round-Up] Coffee Filters Can Do More Than Make Coffee

By November 16, 2016

If you once make coffee at home, you’ll be familiar with or at least get know what coffee filters are. So here’s the question, coffee filters can only be used to make coffee? Still have more uses? Welcome all of you to comment the post with what you know about the new uses of coffee filters. 

As coffee filters are featured for better “water strength”, that is, not as likely to crumple or dissolve in water as typical paper, it has many other new uses for everyday things. Here, we round up several uses…

  • Soften a camera flash

When you’re taking a close-up on subject, harsh shadows and bright spots are not preferrable. Well, by taping a coffee filter in front of the flash or hold a filter over the flash if you can’t stand the idea of tape touching your camera, the flash can be softened immediately. 

Coffee Filter Soften Flash

  • Serve popcorn or other snacks for kiddos

Coffee filters are just the right size for serving pretzels, chips, cut veggies or popcom for kiddos if there have no kid-sized bowls in the cupboard. 

And at the same time, as the filters are disposable, so there’s no dishwashing. 

Coffee Filter Serve Snacks

  • Prevent splatters in the microwave

When heating up leftovers in the microwave, it always splatters around. How to avoid that? Use a filter as the protective covering over a bowl or a plate.

Coffee Filter Prevents Splatter in Microwave

  • Stack fine china without scuffs and scratches

How to better stack china? Have you used flattened coffee filters as spacers which could prevent scuffs and scratches in cabinets?

Coffee Filter Helps Stack China

  • Filter wine 

Filter out the bits of cork by pouring your wine through a coffee filter nestled in your wine glass, if cork crumble into your wine

Coffee Filter Can Filter Wine if Corks in Wine

  • Better for slick spreading

Use a coffee filter to spread butter or oil on to a baking pan, it’s wise as there won’t leave lint behind like paper towels or cheesecloth.

Coffee Filter Help Oil Spread

  • Keep soil from seeping out of the drainage holes

When gardening and watering your plants, the soil is easy to seeping out the drainage holes? Why not put a filter in the bottom of your flower pots? 

For bigger pots, several filters lined at the bottom will be better. 

Coffee Filter Helps Soil from Sipping From the holes

  • Protect hands from popsicle drippage

Always get annoyed about icky drips running dwon your hands? Never again while slip the stick of a popsicle through a filter. 

Coffee Filter Prevents Icky Dripping

  • Filter Drinks

Wanna a better taste of some drinks? Coffee filters can help you out. 

Let’s take vodka as an example, firstly use a rubber band to secure a filter to the mouth of jar or glass (a water pitcher filter will take less time and make better quality, though); then, filter the vodka by using coffee filters several times.

Coffee Filter Can FIlter Drinks for Better Taste

  • Be a paper towel substitute

No available paper towels for cleaning glass or windows? Don’t worry. Coffee filters are good choices for that without leaving lint residue or streaks.

Coffee Filter Can Clean Glass

  • Serve pita sandwiches

Hurry for school or office? How about the finished sandwich? How to better carry a sandwich on the go? A circular coffee filter is the perfect size for that. 

Coffee Filters Can Bring Sandwiches On the Go

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  1. compose them

  2. I use them to clean up around the house and the WC

  3. I clean my windows with coffee filters.

  4. i didnt have any idea about how many ways you can use them.wow good thanks a lot

  5. I don’t drink coffee, but tea is good.

  6. I use coffee filters in my tea maker when brewing loose tea

  7. clean up

  8. I do clean windows with coffee filters when the paper towels I have leave streaks or fuzz.

  9. they make lovely snowflake decorations when cut!

  10. I use a filter every time i make coffee. In it to WIN it! Thank You!!!

  11. I have only used them for coffee and cleaning windows but the other uses are awesome too

  12. They can be used to diffuse the flash on a camera

  13. wow, never knew or thought of this. very cool

  14. i do sometimes use coffee filters to clean up spills if i have run out of kitchen paper

  15. Good tips…ones I haven’t even thought of….

  16. I put the used ones in the vege garden as the snails dont like them :)

  17. As I don’t drink coffee never thought of all these great ideas.

  18. I use coffee filters in the bottom of the compost pail, it makes it easier to slide everything out into the bigger composter.

  19. I use coffee filters to strain yogurt when making tazzika dip

  20. I use them to filter drinks. Good tips in the article for other uses

  21. My idea isn’t as clever as any of these, but I often give one to the kids and let them color a fun hat. They love it :) I even have to wear one sometimes lol.

  22. I had not thought of using coffee filters as microwave covers—brilliant. I use them as a second filter for homemade broth if I need to make it very clear,

  23. I use them as a bowl for snacks

  24. I have a busy life..I chuck the filters!

  25. I always make arts and crafts with left over coffee filters or use them to clean my bathroom mirrors! Lol

  26. Interesting. I do nothing more but these ideas are great and I may end trying a few out.

  27. make scented pouches for my xmas tree with it

  28. I clean mirrors. No streaks, no residue.

  29. Great to line pie plates with.

  30. I use it to prevent soil from draining out of flowerpots. …

  31. I have to admit I don’t use them for anything. But maybe a filter could turn Smirnoff into Greygoose.

  32. Great article!

  33. I clean my windows with white vinegar and use filters to wipe clean

  34. cleaning windows sounds like a plan would never have thought of that

  35. It’s good as a substitute to clean the windows.