How to Choose A Good Glass Teapot

By November 29, 2019

For some tea lovers, drinking tea isn’t just for relieving thirsty or enjoying a kind of beverage. They treat tea drinking as artistry. China even has a tea ceremony, a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking tea. Every step in the ceremony has its requirements and rule. Not only good tea is needed, but also a good container.

The teapot used in ceremonies is always made of unglazed clay. The special material can absorb the oils from the tea leaves and, over time, get a glazed appearance, especially the inner side. But the flavor of the tea you steeped is also left on the inner surface of the teapot. If you use it to drink different tea, one will get the flavors of other kinds of teas. If you are a tea expert, you won’t like mixed-flavor tea.

How to Choose A Good Glass Teapot3

Therefore, if you want to purchase a teapot for daily tea drinking, in which you won’t drink one kind of tea only, a high-quality glass teapot is your best choice. Glass teapot won’t absorb flavor from tea and easy to be clean. And even better, it allows you to watch the leaves and flowers unfurl in hot water and the change on them when being brewed. This will provide you more fun, comparing to just drink it.

How to Choose A Good Glass Teapot2

How to Choose A Good Glass Teapot?

A good glass teapot doesn’t only have an artistic look and feel, but also performs well in functionality and usability. According to these requirements, we can select glass teapots by following the guides below.

Choose the suitable size and volume

The most important thing is to choose the one with a suitable size. Some of you always drink tea along and just need a teapot for yourself only. But others may need one to treat your guest. Based on the different serving volumes, the size of teapots is various.

Labor-saving design

When the teapot is large, your arm will ache when holding it for a long time. Or if the design of the handle is improper, a small pot will make you feel wrist pain. A good teapot is definitely designed labor-saving.

Easy pour spout

A delicately indented pour spout makes it easy to pour the tea into teacups. Whether glass teapots featuring a long, elegant spout or a simple beak-like opening, if it is properly designed, tea can be easily poured out and won’t splash everywhere.

How to Choose A Good Glass Teapot1

Transparency of glass

Good glass has high light transmittance. It can’t contain macroscopic dust. It will even shinny under illumination. And finding a bubble inside it won’t come easily. The surface of glass needs to be smooth and glossy.


Glass teapots made of borosilicate glass are more durable and long-lasting than other teapots. It is shatter resistant and less likely to crack or break under thermal stress. A teapot made of it can be used on gas, electric hobs and many other heat sources. And it can not only withstand high temperature but also cool drinks, even if you pour boiling water into a frozen pot.

With or without strainer

If you like to drink loose tea and don’t like to drink tea leaves, buy a teapot with a strainer. A removable stainless steel strainer is perfect. It is easy to be clean and can be removed when you don’t want to leave tea steeping in water all the time.

Best Glass Teapot Recommended

Ecooe Stovetop Glass Teapot in different sizes

How to Choose A Good Glass Teapot4

  • Made of high-quality Borosilicate glass
  • Withstand instant temperature change from minus 30℃ to 150℃
  • Safely used on gas, electric hobs and other heat sources
  • Delicate labor-saving design enables you to carry it comfortably
  • Removable stainless steel strainer
  • 18-month worry-free warranty


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