How to make loose tea in a coffee maker

By September 6, 2019


The traditional way is making loose tea with a teapot: Put the tea into a pot of hot water, then left it to steep for a few minutes and then taken out. However, what if there is a coffee maker available at home? Well, don’t worry. There are few people aware that a coffee maker is also fully capable of brewing tea as well. Based on that, there are two different procedures using a coffee maker to brew the tea. Just following the next tea-making steps and you will get a large pot of herbal tea for the use of a tea party or caring someone with cold or flu.


The very first step is to remove and rinse the filter basket from previous brews of either coffee or tea, otherwise, your tea will taste awful. A trick for that is to drip several drops of vinegar.

The second step is to put teabags into the carafe and then fill the glass carafe with water and pour its contents into the reservoir just like when making a regular coffee.

The next step is to choose the proper taste you like. If you prefer stronger teas and less mess, put the teabags inside the carafe rather than right in the middle of the filter basket. And a note for this step is to use the right amount of teabag, that is one teabag per cup of tea. And then you can turn the coffee maker on.


Wait until the tea is done brewing and you will get a large pot of tea keeping warm for hours. This is a very useful tea-brewing procedure for party time.

Second Tea-brewing procedure

However if you are treating people with different preferences for the tea thickness and flavors, what should you do? Well, the following procedure is made for such a case.


The first step is still cleaning the glass carafe until it doesn’t smell coffee. And then using the coffee maker to brew hot water by pouring water into the reservoir, and turning the machine on until the water has boiled.

And prepare a box of teabags of different flavors. People can place the teabag whatever he likes into the cup and pour hot water in.


In this way, tea is brewed and everyone gets to enjoy the flavor and thickness of the tea he or she likes.






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