How Much Ground Coffee per Cup of Water

By June 4, 2017

Sounds like sort of annoyance that long queues for the NEW at the coffee shops, wrong taste stemming from barista’s mistake or poor weather fade your desire, if you be poised to dive into the world of coffee. Thus, in turn, start your DIY coffee-brewing experience at home for remediation as it is not confined to the shop services. To make a decent cup of coffee, you should have a good knowledge of the coffee-to-water ratio, which is considered as significant as the brewing methods and the quality of the coffee beans.

How much ground coffee per cup of water? Let’s make up the whole picture of the magic but systematic coffee-water ratio.

How Much Ground Coffee per Cup of Water

Measurements chosen

Measurements vary ranging from ounces and grams in fraction to spoons and tablespoons in numbers. How pure your coffee created is judged by the preciseness degree you feel like to achieve. You can tweak the amount of coffee or water on the basis of your personal preference.

coffee to water ratio

Measurement in gram

The standard ratio in popularity for starters is 1:16, which means one gram of ground coffee per 16 millimeters of water. It marks as a guideline, while far from the sole principle, and thereby you are free to tweak the proportion more or less. (How much does a tablespoon of coffee weigh? )

measure in grams

Coffee measurement spoon

Hope to measure ground coffee accurately without complex calculation and ready equipment? A coffee spoon will do the trick. Here shows you RSVP Endurance Coffee Spoon, giving 6 ounces of water with one tablespoon of ground coffee. (How Many Tablespoons of Coffee per Cup)  There is no better thing than a convenient and time-saving spoon to get you charged after a hasty wake-up at morning. A scale, free from time limits, is also a good option that provides precise measurements for home brewers, helps prevent wastage as well.

measure in spoon

Pour-over method

Pour over method requires finer grinding process than regular coffee as no specialized equipment such as an espresso machine at hand. This, practically, creates more surfaces for the water to flow through, though it performs comparatively poor in consistency. You can use 1:16 coffee-water ratio to start the experiment, and pour the water gradually in order to prolong the brewing time.

pour over coffee

Why you need precise measurement

The go-to ratio between coffee and water has a direct impact on the taste. Adding either water or coffee amount more than it supposed to be come down to over or under extraction, thereby turning to quite bitter or too sour. The precise measurements guarantee the coffee consistency whenever you brew. Next time you can easily tweak the brewing ratio for your preference and continue on new exploration for knowing exact proportion.

A food scale maintains prevalence among homemade coffee-makers. Accurate coffee-water ratio to their advantage brings about coffee conservation greatly since high quality coffee beans cost much. After all, no extra wastage is of desire. 

All in all, how much ground coffee per cup of water? One gram of ground coffee for 16 grams of water, or one tablespoon of ground coffee for 6-ounce water. 

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