6 Milk Drink Recipes: Make Your Milk Tasty

By November 28, 2016

Most kids, teens and even adults do not get enough protein, calcium and Vitamin D. It is reported that kids aging 4-8 need 19 grams of protein a day and teens aging 9-13 need grams. To make sure the moderate protein intake, drinking  milk is a good way. Here, let’s learn these 6 milk drink recipes to add flavor to milk and make it tasty for drinking. 

1. Coffee with Milk

What you need: Half cup of milk, a hanging ear coffee bag

Tutorial: Pour half cup of milk, and then brewing the hanging ear coffee with hot water in the cup. The more times you brew the coffee, the more layers there are over milk. As coffee contains caffeine, it is best for to drink in moderate rate. 

Alternative of heaging ear coffee bag: You can use a coffee dripper if you do not have hanging ear coffee bag. 

coffee with milk

2. Banana Milk 

What you need: 1-2 banana, milk 

Tutorial: Cut the banana into slices and put them into blender. Pour a cup of milk into it and puree until smooth. 

banana milk

3. Purple Sweet Potato Milk

What you need: 1-2 purple sweet potatoes, milk

Tutorial: Peel and cut the purple potatoes in to small slices. Add water and microwave the purple sweet with high heating for 1-3 minutes. Also, milk need microwave. Put hot milk and purple sweet potatoes in blender and puree until smooth. 

purple potato milk

4. Corn Milk 

What you need: A corn, milk

First, wash and peel the corn, then boil the corn in a large pot of water. After letting it simmer for 5 minutes, let it cool down. Then, cut the kernels off. Blend kernels and milk in blender until smooth. Add some sugar if you like. 

corn milk

5. Baileys Milk

What you need: 120 ml milk, 30 ml Baileys Irish Cream

Mix 120 ml milk and 30 ml Baileys together, stir until blended. Then serve in the cup. Cooled baileys mil taste better. 

Baileys Milk

6. Peanut Milk

What you need: Peanut, milk, water

Put peanuts into a container and cover with water. Allow to soak overnight. Then drain peanuts, and pour into  a blender with some water. Afterwards, filter the peanut  juice. Then blend the peanut residue with milk. Filter again. Mix the peanut juice and peanut milk together and boil the mixture. Add sugar if you like.

peanut milk

How do you drink your milk? Share with us below. And also, you maybe interested in these healthy tips:

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