Why your succulents are dying?

By September 14, 2020

Succulents are the most popular indoor plants, but usually, the case is they just keep alive for a few weeks. They may die from mealybugs, root rot, or any other confusing reasons. Luckily, in this essay, we’ll show you some easy ways to determine the issue and enliven your succulents again.

Too much watering

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Succulents are just like cacti in that they have the ability to quickly adapt to dry air and dry soil. In other words, they can still absorb enough water even if you don’t water frequently. Too much watering will increase the possibility of developing root rot, so it’s better to water your succulents until they are dry. Also, make sure the pot has drainage holes so that the water won’t stay in the pot for too long and corrode the roots.

Mineral build-up

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Tap water contains minerals like calcium and chlorine that can be harmful to the roots and even lead to death. One way to judge if your plant was damaged by minerals is to check if there is a white crust on top of the soil. To prevent this, you need to try watering succulents with distilled water or filtered water, or use tap water that is left overnight and whose chemicals have been dissipated into the air.

Succulent pests

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If you care about succulents in a proper way, without too much watering and mineral building up, you may consider if it is suffering from pest infestation. Succulents can be the bed of mealy bugs, spider mites, and fungus gnats. To solve the problem, just apply alcohol to the fuzzy white spots or brown scales with a cotton ball. Or alternatively, you can also apply the solution of miticide, fungicide, and pesticide for any infestation cases you can’t determine.

The succulents are too compacted

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One reason easy to be ignored is that the flower pot can be too small for your succulents to grow. Generally, in order for the plant to spread out, the container should be twice the depth as the root of the plant. Avoid cramming two or more succulents in a container, or they will smother each other. Give them at least 2-3 inches spacing distance to allow for natural growth.

These tips can help you determine and solve most of the issues. With good care, your succulents can even stay healthy for years. It’s also necessary to note that some leaves will fall off naturally during normal maturing. So just take it easy to look after your plants.


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