Make your home greener with more green plants

By October 28, 2019

Home is the most comfortable place in the world, where we spend most of our lives. We sleep in its room, play around the house and think about the significance of life there. As the most visited place by us in the world, we shall make it cozier to live in and more relaxing for our eyes. Green plants are good choices for you to improve your household quality as a whole. On the one hand, it can purify the air quality. On the other hand, some green color to the eye is also a delightful element to the heart.

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The most common green plants are aloe, cactus and ivy. Cactus has the strongest life. You do not need to pay too much effort in caring for it. Just watering it once a month is enough. Too much watering is a bad thing for its growth actually. Lay it in your bookroom to absorb the radiation from the computer and other electrical appliances.

On the opposite, the ivy prefers a rather wetter growing environment. You should make sure that its soil is wet all the time. It is a good helper to decorate the room as it has clusters of leaves that can spread along with the layout of your home furnishing.

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Just the green color is not enough for you to better your home life. You can plant some fragrant green plants to make the air in the house much more aromatic, and those include the orchid, the tulip and the chamomile. The orchid will blossom all the year-round. So you can see four times of its flowers in one year. Its flowers are yellow with a simple and elegant aroma. The growth of orchid needs enough sunshine. So you should lay it in the place of plenty of sunlight.

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Different kinds of plants have different living habits and living conditions. Before making a decision of what kinds to plant, you should know what properties the plants have in advance. All those lovely flowers and leaves will make our life more plentiful. They enable us to enjoy the most beautiful things in the world.

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You can make a cup of tea or coffee for yourself on a sunny afternoon, sitting beside a green plant to enjoy the pretty world they present in front of us. Or you can kill time by watering them, cutting off the extra branches and leaves.



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