Shoes Hacks: How to Stretch Too-Tight Shoes

By February 7, 2017

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Have you experienced splurging on an amazing pair of shoes and only to get a pair of too-tight shoes? Yes, I am. Maybe you can choose to return them back and exchange for an appropriate size or just resell them to others. But what if making an exchange is unlikely or you cannot resell them out? Don’t worry; there is still one more solution, that’s to stretch the shoes out. In the following part, I will tell you the details about how to stretch too-tight shoes.

#1 Wear shoes at home

wear shoes at home

Wearing the shoes at home for short periods should be given the first priority when your shoes are not that unwearable. And it’s the simplest way to stretch out your too-tight shoes. When the shoes hurt your feet, just take them off. If you want to accelerate the stretching process, you can just dance or do some other things until they are adjusted to your feet. This way is practically the most convenient and organic one.

#2 Freeze shoes

freeze your shoes

You know water expands when it freezes. You can just apply this to stretching your too-tight shoes. Get ready for two plastic bags with water about 1/4 full and seal them tightly. Place a bag inside each shoe and push into place so that it fills your entire shoe. Check out if it doesn’t leak, for once it leaks, your shoes may be wet. Then put the shoes in the freezer overnight. And take them out from the freezer the next day. Before trying to remove the bags, you may need to let them thaw for 20 to 30 minutes or so. Finally, try on the shoes again to see if the shoes fit and repeat the above process if needed.

#3 Heat your shoes

heat your shoes

To stretch your tight shoes, you can put on several pairs of thick shoes (usually 2 or 3 pairs are enough) and tuck your feet in your shoes, then prepare a hairdryer and put it on high heat. Heat the tight part of your shoes for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat doing this until your shoes are stretched enough. After that, remove the heat source and let the shoes cool down. Take your feet out and take off the thick socks and try on the normal socks, you will find your shoes are not that tight.

#4 Shoe stretchers

shoe stretcher

Why don’t you invest in a shoe stretcher to help you stretch your too-tight shoes if you can afford to do so? Shoe stretchers can expand the width and the length of shoes, and they can help alleviate tight problems and make you feel comfortable when you wear your shoes. The handy device can help adjust your shoe size to whatever you want. What’s more, if you have got a shoe-stretching spray or oil, it would be better, for it can help the shoes to stretch evenly and quickly.

#5 Stuff your shoes

stuff your shoes

You can stuff socks, newspapers or potatoes into your shoes until the shoes are full. Wait overnight, you will see that it can really make a difference if you do so.

Take out the shoes needed to be stretched and use the above shoes hacks, which are worth trying. You will never fear of the too-tight shoes if you can make full use of these hacks.

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